Pub Quiz

It's the first Wednesday of the month which means four new chances to drink free beer and put your useless knowledge to work! For today's special married host edition of the quiz, Jon the Wunderman Wunder and Naomi of the North will be serving up the questions.

Today's hint: I support the Ocean City Raptors.

Naomi of the North
1 Pumps and Shoe Cumstance 51.5
2 The Magnificent Mediocrities 49
3 Mariel is Late 43
Bowa 36
OMG They Were Roommates 33
Numb Little Bugs 19
Evil Mr. Phil

It's Wednesday! Not only that, it's the last Wednesday of the month! In addition to tonight's normal UPQ hijinks we'll also be awarding the Jordy to our top team for the month.

If that's not enough to get you off your couch and out to the bar, know that this will be your third consecutive chance to see The Sadiest hosting! Still not convinced? What if it was also The Sadiest's birthday? I can happily say that IT IS!

Here's a hint:

In what kind of town could you find Babson Boulders? That’s what I’m wondering.

See you tonight at Buddha Beer Bar - the quiz starts at 8 PM!

The Sadiest and The Evil Mr. Phil will be hosting

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Pumps and Shoe Cumstance 56
2 Aurora Trivialis 54.5
3 Comets 53
The Moratorium 48.5
The Magnificent Mediocrities 44
G & Me 42.5
Intellectual Deviants 30.5
Numb Little Bugs 28
The Sadieist

Better late than never! Here's a hint!

Professor Lone Star
1 The U of I Slightly Less Mediocre Campus 56.5
2 Aurora Trivialis 53
3 Pumps and Shoe Cumstance 49
The Magnificent Mediocrities 49
We'll Buy a Vowel 46
Bath-hause 45
Bowa 39
Evil Mr. Phil

Another Wednesday, another quiz. Here's a juicy hint to get your brain's mouth watering.

I googled pictures of the Airbus A330-743L. I can't believe that's not photoshopped!

See you tonight at Buddha Beer Bar - the quiz starts at 8 PM!

Guestmaster Greg and The Evil Mr. Phil will be hosting

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Pumps and Shoe Cumstance 59
2 The U of I Mediocre Campus 56
3 Aurora Trivialis 54
The Moratorium 47
Mariel is Late 41
Grandville Bulldogs 39
Evil Mr. Phil

It's Wednesday! And whether the weather is warmer or wetter, if you wonder whither Jon Wunder will wander in to wither your wits with his wacky wiles, he WILL!

Not only will Jon be hosting tonight, he has also generously provided this Hint o' the Week:

Mmm....Phung Huynh art.....

See you tonight at Buddha Beer Bar - the quiz starts at 8 PM!

The Evil Mr. Phil will be hosting as well.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Scared Sheetless 56
2 May the Fourth be with U of I 52
Shrimp Shoe May 52
3 Ranger Danger 45
Bad Penny 44
Down from Pinehurst 40
FartBerry 31
ASJ 10
Mary O'Shag
What is this all about?
Since 2008, the Uptown Pub Quiz has been bringing obscure trivia from around the world to the top of Manhattan. Every Wednesday at 8 PM, rain or shine, we give you a chance to exchange your knowledge for beer and other prizes.

The Uptown Pub Quiz is currently in residence at:
   Buddha Beer Bar
   4476 Broadway
   New York, NY

Our current quizmasters are The Evil Mr. Phil, The Sadiest, Naomi of the North, Professor Lone Star, and Mary O'Shag. Retired quizmasters are Dr. Jordan and OJ the Imposter.

Some people may want to check out the Uptown Pub Quiz on Facebook, but you’re probably not one of those people.
Team Name 06/01 06/08 06/15 06/22 06/29 Total Week Month
1 Pumps and Shoe Cumstance 59 49 56 56 51.5 271.5        
2 Aurora Trivialis 54 53 54.5 161.5        
3 The Magnificent Mediocrities 49 44 49 142        
The Moratorium 47 48.5 95.5        
Mariel is Late 41 43 84        
Bowa 39 36 75        
The U of I 58 58        
The U of I Slightly Less Mediocre Campus 56.5 56.5        
Team Name 05/04 05/11 05/18 05/25 Total Week Month
1 Shrimp Shoe May 50.5 59 55 52 216.5        
Team Name 04/06 04/13 04/20 04/27 Total Week Month
1 U of I Needs a Nap 57 54 54.5 53 218.5        
Team Name 03/02 03/09 03/16 03/23 03/30 Total Week Month
1 Back to Shoes 57 53.5 59 54 54 277.5        
Team Name 02/16 12/01 12/08 12/15 Total Week Month
1 University of Inwood Chapter of Nu Xi Omicron 56 57 54 49 216        
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