Pub Quiz
1 Unenlightened Shoes 48
2 Seaman and Haven 47
3 Plan L is Back from the Dead 45
U of I 43
Bar End 41
Participason Trofey 40
Bowa 34.5
A & A 31
Pinehurst Peeps 27
MMM Good 26
Medicrites the Trivia Philosopher 19
Long Live the Lesbians 17
Sabor 9
Team Al 3.5
Professor Lone Star

We're gonna put you in a trance with a funky quiz.

The Sadieist
1 Medicrites the Trivia Philosopher 49
2 U of I 48
3 Plan L is Back from the Dead 47
Seaman and Haven 47
Participason Trofey 43
The Moratorium 41
Unenlightened Shoes 40
Bowa 38
No Buzz 32
Bar End 30
Mary O'Shag


Take the A train to 181 and we're right there, at 181 Cabrini.

The Wunderman and Mary O'Shag are bending brains and elbows.

Here's your hint:

"The sea is calm tonight."

(But the Quiz won't be.)

Mary O'Shag
1 Unenlightened Shoes 59
2 U of I 57
3 Beyond Pork Roll 51.5
The Moratorium 47.5
Medicrites the Trivia Philosopher 47
Participason Trofey 47
From the South w/ Love 23
BDX 18
Evil Mr. Phil

It should be obvious just from looking at us that your hosts are all proud graduates of the Tempters' Training College. Professor Lone Star went back to teach!

The Sadieist

It's the summertime, and in this changed (not quite post-) COVID world, more folks are releasing their pent-up urge to get up and go. That includes a lot of our host hivemind.


Quiz is going on vacation as well until the Wednesday after Labor Day, when we will have new rounds, some new guest hosts, and probably our usual thirst for beer.

Keep watching this page for random posts and links to one-off online goodies.

Wear sunscreen, hydrate, and always have a friend with bail money.

Your hosts

Mary O'Shag
1 U of I Solo Sculls 48
2 Moist Mediocrities 44
3 Woman 39
JAR 10
Mary O'Shag

It's mid-month, and Mary O'Shag and Professor Lone Star are keeping you entertained and beered tonight.

Here's your HotW for tonight:

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and The Gulag Archipelago are works by a famous onetime prisoner.

See you at 8!

Mary O'Shag

It's the first Wednesday of the month which means four new chances to drink free beer and put your useless knowledge to work! For today's special married host edition of the quiz, Jon the Wunderman Wunder and Naomi of the North will be serving up the questions.

Today's hint: I support the Ocean City Raptors.

Naomi of the North
What is this all about?
Since 2008, the Uptown Pub Quiz has been bringing obscure trivia from around the world to the top of Manhattan. Every Wednesday at 8 PM, rain or shine, we give you a chance to exchange your knowledge for beer and other prizes.

The Uptown Pub Quiz is currently in residence at:
   Buddha Beer Bar
   4476 Broadway
   New York, NY

Our current quizmasters are The Evil Mr. Phil, The Sadiest, Naomi of the North, Professor Lone Star, and Mary O'Shag. Retired quizmasters are Dr. Jordan and OJ the Imposter.

Some people may want to check out the Uptown Pub Quiz on Facebook, but you’re probably not one of those people.
Team Name 09/07 09/14 09/21 Total Week Month
1 U of I 57 48 43 148        
2 Unenlightened Shoes 59 40 48 147        
3 Participason Trofey 47 43 40 130        
Medicrites the Trivia Philosopher 47 49 19 115        
Seaman and Haven 47 47 94        
Plan L is Back from the Dead 47 45 92        
The Moratorium 47.5 41 88.5        
Bowa 38 34.5 72.5        
Team Name 07/13 Total Week Month
1 U of I Solo Sculls 48 48        
Team Name 06/01 06/08 06/15 06/22 06/29 Total Week Month
1 Pumps and Shoe Cumstance 59 49 56 56 51.5 271.5        
Team Name 05/04 05/11 05/18 05/25 Total Week Month
1 Shrimp Shoe May 50.5 59 55 52 216.5        
Team Name 04/06 04/13 04/20 04/27 Total Week Month
1 U of I Needs a Nap 57 54 54.5 53 218.5        
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