Pub Quiz
Farewell, IRC

After 11 years of slingin' trivia at the Indian Road Café our time there has come to an end. We probably should have planned ahead and given you all some warning, but planning isn't really our thing at the Pub Quiz. We prefer spontaneity, so... SURPRISE! We're moving.

That's right. The Pub Quiz isn't over, it's just relocating. And to ensure that only the most clever quizzers find the new location, we're keeping it a closely guarded secret. We hope to start dropping clues in about a week, so stay tuned. We'll also be doing some necessary rebranding over the next weeks (website name, facebook group, email address, etc) so pay attention for that as well.

We're sorry we didn't get the word out about the final quiz ahead of time as I'm sure many of you would have liked to be there. We had a triumphant quiz without all that gushy and sentimental stuff you sometimes have at a finale.

We're out!
Actual photo of The Sadieist and Professor Lone Star leaving the quiz last Wednesday.

We're super excited about the next thing, and we can't wait to see everyone again in 2020 at our new venue!

Evil Mr. Phil