Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for January 29, 2020

It was another rollicking night at B3, which has made the dubious choice to invite the quiz to stay indefinitely. We're Not Going to Win So We're Just Here to Make Friends was forced to acknowledge that at the rate they were going they might not make that many friends, and 2 Girls Wandered into a Bar and decided to stay for all six rounds. Several other teams made their debuts last night, including the enigmatically named Jersey, and returning team A Train Elevator Repair Service, despite its provocative name, won our hearts by drunkenly offering to do work for us for free. No take-backs! The night ended not with a whimper but with a bang as the Mediocrities triumphed over Burger of the Month in a nail-biting tiebreaker. And we all learned a little something about jockstraps and the Ouija board. (The Sadieist copyedited the novelization of the movie Ouija, but all she remembers is that someone gets attacked by dental floss.)

Oh, and one more thing: new monthly trophy, who dis? The Jordy has not yet been awarded, but it tantalized us all with its first appearance. Who will be February's winner and the first to bear it home in triumph?


Update: Oops, it was BotM that won for the week and month. We have corrected the scores and will ensured all awards end up in the right places.

The Sadieist