Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for February 05, 2020

Rats! Salacious clothing! A shocking discovery!

Yes, it was another typical night with the denizens of the Uptown Pub Quiz.

U of I acquired a teammate who had innocently wandered in for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and apparently contracted quizavirus. Naomi of the North was shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that Mary O'Shag is engaged to a person of the female persuasion. Visiting team Big Town was encouraged to not carry cod in their sporrans. Drinking through Construction, I Can Sit!, and Don't Mess with Cats were newcomers who boldly chugged repeatedly, and were still standing (sitting!) at the end of the evening. Evil Mr. Phil was transfixed by the nonstop wrestling--male and female--being streamed over B3's screens during Quiz. (Speaking of letters, some teams received enlightenment regarding very large bra cup sizes.)

None of this is to take away from BoTM: I Only Have Fries for You's win with 58 points, and their queen chugger's chugging chops.

See you all next week.

Mary O'Shag