Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for February 12, 2020

Efforts to create the longest team name in the history of the quiz continued apace last week, with contributions from If You Read Our Team Name Out Loud, the Hosts Take Tequila Shots and University of Inwood Student Senate Convicts Their Presidents! (exclamation point included). Newbies included Skipper Was Hungry, whose name sounded ominous until we learned Skipper is his cat, and the White Wayans Bros., whose name began to seem misleading when a woman of color represented them in the chug-off. Burger of the Month triumphed over Pork Roll in a tiebreaker, proving which is this week's superior meat, and we all went home a little better for the knowledge we'd gained about ten guys named Oscar (or Oskar) and who is de facto bishop of the moon. The Sadieist wants to know why there's no moon rabbi, after all it's the Jews who use a lunar calendar. #moonjews

The Sadieist