Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for February 19, 2020

New teams! Birthday chuggers! A baby! The baby belonged to Multiplying Like Rabbits, who did an impressive job wrangling it and answering trivia questions at the same time. New team Fail will probably never come back, judging by the way it reacted to the Sadieist's round on semordnilaps or reverse pairs -- strings of letters that spell one word one way and another word the other way, like gateman/nametag. It's probably just as well Fail didn't stick around long enough for the Evil Mr. Phil's mashup round on Presidents' Day carols -- you know, old favorites like "James Monroe, Row, Row Your Boat" and "In Your Eyes-enhower." They might have started throwing stuff. For some reason we've been having tiebreakers a lot since we moved to Buddha Beer Bar; this week Shoe-pid's Arrow shut out University of Inwood by sort of knowing some stuff about the moon (#moonjews). In the end we could all agree that 17.5 pounds is too heavy for a head-mounted robot that feeds you tomatoes as you jog.

The Sadieist