Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for March 11, 2020

This week's quiz was a rollicking good time. The Sadiest showed up in all her finery and had rounds on proms, dozens, and cities, while I had rounds on other things that were probably not proms, dozens, or cities (I really gotta start writing this stuff down).

We heard some fun prom music from the 80s and even sang along to a few of the songs. What could be better? We finished the night with another tie breaker which allowed Burger of the Month In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Burger to squeak by Tears 4 Queers and win for the night. Fun fact, this was our 9th quiz at BBB and our 7th tiebreaker.

In other news, we hope you're all coping with the disruptions from covid-19 and managing to wash your hands thoroughly and keep your fingers out of your nose and such. We're not sure yet how the quiz will be affected by all this, so stand by and follow or our Facebook page for updates.

Evil Mr. Phil