Pub Quiz
Coronavirus Message From Our CEO

To Our Uptown Pub Quiz Regulars,

We've always appreciated the sense of closeness at our quiz, the interpersonal connections, the reliability of staying in contact with each other each week, and the fact that you all seem to value witty repartee above perfect hygiene.

For all these reasons, we've got to put our in-person quiz on hold during Coronavirupalooza. We at the UPQ feel it would be irresponsible to pack everyone into BBB right now. We're not sure how long this will go on for, so please stand by for further instructions.

In good news, our technology department is trying to figure out alternative mechanisms for delivering weekly Wednesday trivia to you (we know you have nothing else to do that night). If we can figure out how to use a computer we'll try to have something set up for this week, but that's very much up in the air right now. Again, please stand by.

- Evil Mr. Phil
  Uptown Pub Quiz's Chief Explanation Offerer

Evil Mr. Phil