Pub Quiz
Hint of the Week for March 10, 2021

The weather's getting warmer. The birds are singing. The flowers are sprouting. It's that time of year when a person's thoughts turn toward dank bars and esoteric arcane ephemera. That's right, it's quiz night!

We can't offer a dank bar, but we can offer questions. The only thing you have to provide is the answers ...and the grading ...and the score keeping ... and the drinks ...and any prizes you might win.

I guess that's a lot. We'll give you a hint as well. This one is from The Human Mathematician (aka Ian of Tearwater Tea):
My favorite album is the No Country for Old Men Soundtrack.

Now go get some paper and a pen, get your friends together on Zoom, Meet, GoToMeeting, tin-can-and-string, or whatever, then join us tonight on the Uptown Plague Quiz Facebook Page at 8 PM Eastern.

Hosts: The Human Mathematician and The Evil Mr. Phil

Evil Mr. Phil