Pub Quiz
Hint of the Week for May 12, 2021

It's Wednesday! Gather your friends, gather your pens and papers, lock your doors, and get ready for quizzing. We won't be able to offer you any free booze or other prizes, but we hope your standards are low enough that you'll join us anyway.

Here's a hint of the week from Alana Rock! to help you prepare.

Nice invention and all, Mr. Farnsworth, but there's a depression on. Convince us that hiring you would be worth it.

Now go get some paper and a pen, get your friends together on Zoom, Meet, GoToMeeting, tin-can-and-string, or whatever, then join us tonight on the Uptown Plague Quiz Facebook Page at 8 PM Eastern.

Hosts: Alana Rock! and The Evil Mr. Phil

Evil Mr. Phil