Pub Quiz
Hint of the Week for June 02, 2021

It's time for the Uptown PARTY Quiz! As promised, we'll have pony rides, face painting, or balloon animals - so many possibilities! And don't forget the special announcements we promised - so many promises.

There will be plenty of booze, prizes, or scorekeeping (as long as you provide them yourself). So gather your friends, gather your pens and papers, and gather your wits. Tonight is quiz night!

Here's a hint of the week from Jon "Wonder" Wunder to help you whet your mental appetites.

Doubts, Scruples and the Headless Corpse on the Quai des Orfevres!

Now go get some paper and a pen, get your friends together on Zoom, Meet, GoToMeeting, tin-can-and-string, or whatever, then join us tonight on the Uptown Plague Quiz Facebook Page at 8 PM Eastern.

Hosts: Jon "Wonder" Wunder and The Evil Mr. Phil

Evil Mr. Phil