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Shutting the door on 2021, and looking forward to 2022

It's too bad Good Riddance Day is only for an hour, for one sheet of per person. This is another year that had a lot of fodder for an industrial shredder.

Here at UPQ, though, we've had some bright lights in the year. Professor Lone Star got us up and running on Streamyard in 2020 and kept that groove going, until we got back in person (until this week) at Buddha Beer Bar. We celebrated the wedding of Mary O'Shag. We soft opened founder Dr. Jordan's Alternative Medicine Brewing Company. New teams have joined and old teams have gotten new members.

UPQ has been connecting in one form or another since 2008. We've raised money, collected food pantry donations, trash talked each other's teams, chugged beer, entertained kids of various ages--basically, been community together. We've formed rituals and rules (May The Flying Spaghetti Monster help the host who forgets to have a Common Bond!), but the big rule (beside "Don't Shout Out the Answer!") is Be Friendly.

We have friendly folks from just-old-enough-to-drink to collecting-Social-Security; there are parents, non-parents, students, overworked, underemployed; you name the demographic, you will probably find it represented in a team.

We are intent on keeping this community going and growing in 2022.

In the coming year, maybe you'll be looking to meet or reconnect with people who are welcoming, smart, funny, and pro-science (we are pro-vaxx, pro-boost). Or maybe you just want to drink beer around people like this.

Come on over on Wednesday night at 8, starting back up on January 5.

If we aren't there, we'll have a Streamyard link here.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember that people who are good to other people are the best community there is.

Mary O'Shag, for the Quiz

Mary O'Shag