Pub Quiz
Hint of the Week for January 19, 2022

Being the next in the continuing saga that is the Uptown Plague Quiz: Omicron, herein is presented the Hint of the Week.

Thanks for the ride Samuel Beckett!

This hint is presented to you by The Wunderman, who is hosting this evening's tomfoolery along with Mary O'Shag.

Because this is coming to you from the comfort of the hosts' living quarters, you can share this experience with friends far and near. They can use the Facebook link to watch and comment, or not having a Facebook, er, Meta identity, they can watch via YouTube or Twitch. Mary O'Shag has set up these links, and has no real idea what will happen. Tune in to participate in yet another Mary O'Shag "I was thinking..." special.

Mary O'Shag