Pub Quiz
Birthday cake! Beer! Dancing Chugs!

Well, May 4 was quite a party!

Every table was occupied, as were most of the bar seats. A birthday party that had started earlier in the evening continued into Quiz, breaking up into three teams that were trash-talking and dancing while chugging.

George of Abnormally Mediocre joined Scared Sheetless since his regular compatriots were either hosting (Mary O'Shag and The Sadiest) or engaging in acts of leisure and/or childraising. FartBerry seemed to appreciate the "Cow Fart Tax" question in particular. Shrimp Shoe May sat further up front than usual, but continued to behave with the decorum we have come to appreciate. The Moratorium were at the bar, getting to know Andy face to face.

At the end of the night, Pork Roll Does Not Approve seized the win by a single point over May the Fourth be with the University of Inwood (F*** those Guys).

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Mary O'Shag