Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 12/07/2011

You may not have known it, but last night was very special for those of us at the IRCPQ. Last night was the third anniversary of the quiz! To commemorate the occasion we did the most amazing thing that's ever been done before - our usual Wednesday night pub quiz. Bam!

Actually, there was one notable change to the format last night. We had the IRCPQ's first ever three-quizmaster night. Unfortunately, Dr. Jordan was home sick last night so it ended up being very similar to our usual two-quizmaster nights.

You may think that giving away 750ml beers for the pint on us questions was part of the festivities, but in fact there's another reason. We at the IRCPQ have spent the last week reflecting on all the times we've not lived up to our "pint" of beer promise, and we decided to spend December atoning for the last eleven months' transgressions in the hopes that by Christmas we'll be on everyone's nice list. (For those of you not accustomed to the metric system these beers are equivalent to about 1 hoppus foot.) Oh, and here is the son of President John Tyler - this man had children when he was in his seventies.

Lyon Gardiner Tyler

During the quiz, while everyone in attendance was counting all of the US state capitals whose names end in the letter N, we the quizmasters were sitting at the front of the room trying to memorize the words to our new favorite Christmas carol written by the Bunny Slippers (who have proven yet again that they spend way more time preparing for these quizzes than we do).

On the 12th Month of Trivia My Quizmaster Gave to Me

12 Chuggers Chugging
11 Cans of Genny
10 Connected Questions
9 Common Bond Clues
8 Questions That Use the Word "Titular"
7 is Too Many People
6 Rounds of Trivia
5 Bunny Slippers
4 Lobster Macs
3 Quizmasters
2 Named Jordan
And a loud cheering of "Hooray Beer!"

Maybe we can have a singalong later this month!

All the scores were above average for the night, and we were sorry to have to dock Random Chaos half a point for adding extraneous details to their common bond answer. But, having a team score 59.5 points for the night seems a lot more legitimate than having them score 60. It makes me think we're not doing our job right if somebody gets too perfect a score.

That's it for this week. We'll see you next week! But, here's one final question - did anyone try Seaman and Cumming's namesake cocktail last night?

Evil Mr. Phil