Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 01/25/2012

It took until the end of the month, but January has really followed through on all its promise. We finally got some snow, the New York Football Giants are going to the Super Bowl, and we at the IRCPQ have just crowned our monthly winners!

Beer Stein Salute

I think we set a record for attendance, which is good for many reasons. Most importantly, lots of people will be able to say they were there the night the IRCPQ delivered its final polygamy round.* In the first half of the night we wished happy birthdays to Neil Diamond (the champion fencer) and Ernest Borgnine (the copilot of Airwolf). We also learned that the best way to counteract the Knights Who Say Ni is to simply say "it".**

The second half of the quiz began with naming the movie by its climax location, such as Devil's Tower, the Hill Valley Clock Tower, or Mt. Rushmore. OJ did a round on geometric geography, that included a question about Hunts Point's rampant prostitution.*** We finally wrapped up the night with the Common Bond Round™ which was all about Disney. Did you know that Walt Disney's final dying act was to write the name "Kurt Russell" on a piece of paper?

We ended the night with a tie in regulation between Semiannual University of Inwood Tailored Underpants Party and Treats and Snoozin. The three closest-answer tie-breaker questions all went to Treats and Snoozin, so they earned the weekly gift certificate. We also offer our congratulations to Treats and Snoozin for having the top score for January and winning the IRCPQ Monthly Prize Pack™ - this includes 2 tickets from AllShows, a cocktail created and named in their honor, and possession of the newly minted Quizmaster's Cappuccino Cup.

We'll have pictures of the QM Cup soon, and we are accepting bids for its naming rights. All offers will be accepted at next week's quiz where we'll once again try to separate the boffins from the hoddypeaks.

* - So long polygamy rounds, we'll all miss you.

** - We still don't know how to counteract quizmasters that ask questions about the Knights Who Say Ni.

*** - This makes me wonder what people think of me when I wear my Hunts Point Hustle t-shirt.

Evil Mr. Phil