Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 02/08/2012

February is shaping up to be another tight month. Three teams are separated by one point and those three teams have vowed to shower each other with Valentine's Day gifts. We've always felt that trivia is the perfect place for love triangles. If we cannot manufacture real ones, we can at least manufacture a round on love triangles. One day. Not this week.

February 8th was not a good night for those suffering from pogonophobia, but if you knew what that was, you were set to win yourself three-fourths of a pint of a beer.

We missed some regulars. Where was Scottish Robin? Where was the Evil Mr. Phil? Where was Noah from the University of Inwood? Were they all still reveling over the Giants victory? Were they suddenly curious about the true meaning of Santorum after the former senator's victories on Tuesday night? Was another type of trivia triangle building? Yikes!

That said, welcome back to IMSA.

So, what were the rounds from Wednesday? The first round was an early word play round where you had to figure out the band from synonyms about their name. Most teams did well, but no one knew what Bhut Jolokia is. It's the hottest of all the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You thought it was Flea, didn't you?

Round two was by request. It was all about celebrities' children. However, Bill from the Ignorant Virtuosos, who requested the round, was in absentia. Another one intrigued by Santorum, perhaps?

Round three was a doozy. Teams were leveled by a round about Valentine's Day. We hope, at the least, they walked away a little wiser.

The second pint on us asked what plant was used to kill Baldur. Perhaps you once used it to get to first base.

Round four was also by request. It was all about the British Empire. It included a question about the thin red line, which was the answer to that morning's hint. The British Empire is something that English Mark from Seaman and Cumming would have aced. He wasn't there. Scottish Robin would have shouted Freedom! He wasn't there. Geoff from the Bunny Slipper? Nope. Absent.

In round five, Dr. Jordan pulled out A Huge Pile of Ship. It was the type of round that Phineas K. Turniphausen would love, but trivia regulars wouldn't.

Round six was the common bond and everything linked to Han Solo. Everyone except for the Bunny Slippers nailed the bond, but only three teams had a perfect ten, which introduced the most shocking part of the evening. In the chug off, champion chugger George from Motherboy XXX was almost bested by George Lucas of Woman and Husband. While George was ready to admit defeat, the quizmasters conferred and declared the chug a tie. In the tie breaker, order was restored and George bested George Lucas. Neither one of the them claimed the t-shirt. Alas.

That's when the Evil Mr. Phil burst through the glass doors to claim his ipod. The one we appropriated.

Congrats to Comrade Question on a terrific win.

OJ the Imposter