Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 02/15/2012

It's now Tuesday morning and with tomorrow's pub quiz just a day away I still can't stop thinking about last week's. If nothing else, last week's quiz taught us that Volkswagen is like the wind when it comes to naming their cars, Valentine's Day is better spent watching movies than writing pub quiz questions, and Dvořák is not the same as Dvorak (those little marks on the letters make a difference apparently).

Retired Persons of Limited Means

The questions last week were so exciting that we had to resort to questions about baseball movies for round 5 to make sure everyone would make it all the way through the last round of the night. The last round as always was The Common Bond round, which contained 9 questions all related to the War of Northern Aggression.

Interspersed between the rounds we gave Mike (of Comrade Question fame) a send off the only way we know how - by making him publicly chug beer after every round with no chance of actually winning any prizes. Mike was a good sport about it, and we'll miss seeing him every week. We can't wait to hear about his exciting new endeavor overseas - we at the Indian Road Pub Quiz have great respect for all those who devote their time to testing watersides at tropical theme parks (I think that's the job he got, but I may be wrong).

Well, I hope everyone else is recovering from their President's Day hangovers and getting ready to drink some more, because tomorrow really is just a day away. Oh, and did I mention that OJ is going to dance for you tomorrow?

Evil Mr. Phil