Pub Quiz
Tannersville, NY

A few weeks ago, during my travels in search of trivial knowledge, I found myself in a mystical and exotic place called Tannersville, NY. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but somehow when I pulled the car off the highway in the middle of a blinding snowstorm, I found myself outside a restaurant.

They had a fireplace inside.

I went in to warm up.

The place was decorated in the Nouveau Kitsch style. While warming by the fire I started to look around at all the knickknacks. A taxidermy-ed bobcat on the mantle. Some old car parts. Tin signs from breweries and gas stations on all the walls.

Then, as I turned away from the fire to thaw out my own knickknacks it caught my eye. There on the wall, by the "Hippies use side entrance" sign.

I thought to myself, "It can't be."

I went up for a closer look.

"Holy cow!"

I was standing there staring up at an exact replica of our very own Quizmasters' Cup. There it was in all its glory - razor-sharp steam spires pointed to the sky. I took a picture of it.

Behold the picture...

Another Quizmasters' Cup?

Oh, and did I mention that we'll be awarding our very own Quizmasters' Cup at the end of this Wednesday's pub quiz?

Evil Mr. Phil