Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 02/29/2012

It's mornings like this that I remember the old adage, "Pub trivia is a marathon, not a sprint."

Actually, not everyone is into sports, so let's try, "Pub trivia is an epic novel, not a short story."

Still not doing it for you? Unless someone printed this recap out for you, then you're reading this via the Internet. So how about, "Pub trivia is a blog post, not a tweet."

And I mean a substantial blog post, not the kind that would just stop right here. I'm talking about the kind that has to go on, no matter how tired the author is or how much beer he had the night before.

But, you're not here for blog posts.*

You're here for the recap.**

Maybe pub trivia is more like a septuagenarian tricycle race?

Septuagenarian Tricycle Race

Last night we cut right to the chase, as they say in the movies, and did a round on movies - movies that were overlooked at the recent Academy Awards. If there had been a category on Dating Advice for Kevin James, surely Zookeeper would have won the gold medal. I was joined last night by perennial guest quizmaster Jon "The Wonder" Wunder, who got the place rocking like a hurricane with an audio round called "Where'd That Sound Come From?", that asked you to name the country of origin for the bands you were hearing. Dr. Jordan was also in the house to show off his new coiffing, so we did a round all about hair in his honor. Did you know that the crew cut was named for Yale's rowing team?

The best part of the evening, for me anyway, was the halftime break. But, all good things must come to an end, and so, we reluctantly proceeded with the pub quiz. Jon "The Wonder" Wunder had a round on nicknames that asked you to remember that Turd Blossom had nothing to do with bad 90s sitcoms, but was a nickname that "W" had for Karl Rove. Next was a round on leap year/leap day. Did you know that motivational speaker Tony Robbins celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday? Finally, for the last round of the evening, Jon did something nobody could have ever expected. He did a so-called Common Bond Round, where the audience was led to believe that none of the questions had anything to do with each other, until question 10 when they were asked, "What is the common bond?" Several teams were able to see the list of answers as more than a simple set of colors and realized the connection was Reservoir Dogs: The Movie.

With all that trivial nonsense out of the way, it was time to award the prizes. Top score of the night and the IRC gift certificate belonged to Random Chaos, who also amassed enough points to leapfrog their way into first place for the month! As monthly winners they were awarded theater/concert/sporting event tickets courtesy of All Shows, they will have a cocktail created and named in their honor courtesy of Rachel, and they get possession of the coveted Quizmasters' Cup until we ask for it back at the end of the month.

So, congratulations to Random Chaos, and thank you as always to everyone who showed up to make our pub quiz the greatest pub quiz there has ever been, ever! See you next week - when it might get even better.

* - Why are you here?

** - Oh.

Evil Mr. Phil