Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 03/07/2012

Last night was an excellent night at the pub quiz. It was by far the best trivia night of March 2012.

We had sponsorship from Brooklyn Republic vodka and we thank them for raffling off a bottle. Congrats to the Tenoritis for winning the bottle. Foolishly, they left before the half time drawing and forfeited their prize. The second name out of the hat* was the T-Birds. They took home the bottle.

The night started off as a packed room. Several regular teams were resigned to standing room and one saw the competition, felt the heat, and walked right out the door. We missed you gentlemen of The Manifesto.

A lot was revealed last night, an insight into the trivia writing process,

Mr. Davidson we did 5 questions, can we go to recess now?

that girl from In School Suspenders sure can chug, and an odd list of mountable things.

The night started off with a pint on us about Calamity Jane who was famous in Deadwood, South Dakota—a state that borders Minnesota. Naturally, round one was about Minnesota. Players who read the hint knew that United Health Group is the largest company in Minnesota.

Round two was about something Minnesota lacks—mountains. They’re tall, full of crags, and killed it on Mississippi Queen. Amazingly, if you wrote down Go Tell It on the Mountain for every answer, you would have gone 0 for 10.

Round Three was about super and not so super Tuesdays. A lot has happened on Tuesdays, including Elvis suffering a heart attack on the toilet.

The second pint on us, for which the winner received a Random Chaos punch, was about Beaver Cleaver’s enemies.

Round Four was all about Dr. Jordan’s favorite subject. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with B, ends with R and has a double vowel in the middle.

Round Five proved that you all would do just fine in a fifth grade science class as all the questions came from a fifth grade science textbook.

Then there was the common bond…oh, that vexing common bond. I remember Dr. Jordan once doing a common bond on conquistadors that nobody nailed. Well, the same happened last night when he asked nine questions about things that can be mounted, including Wolverine before he was Wolverine. It’s rare for nobody to get the common bond. It makes us feel bad about ourselves. That’s why we fill our mugs with Ten-Fifty.

Congrats to the Ides of Trivialis for a close win last night. We look forward to seeing you all next week when the Evil Mr. Phil will perform six different magic tricks.

* - Thanks to the U of I Dep’t of Mudhen Husbandry for use of the hat.

OJ the Imposter