Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 03/14/2012

It's the day after. Time to take last night's quiz and rewind it back (because the IRC Pub Quiz got the trivia that make your booty go smack*). I'd like to say that we were dropping serious knowledge last night, but alas, we the quizmasters had serious knowledge dropped upon us by you the quizzers.** I guess it makes sense, we're the ones that show up with pages of questions, and you're the ones that show up with heads full of answers.

The first bit of knowledge to earn someone free beer last night was that Sir William Herschel, who first observed the seventh planet from our sun, considered naming it George. This made me wonder, if you were given the chance, what would you name Uranus? The first round of the night was gold... comedy gold! Actually, the first round was just regular gold. This was followed by a round on cartoon cats that tragically left out MC Skat Kat - what a missed opportunity. Dr. Jordan finished off the half with a (most-of-the-)audience-favorite round of Name That 80s TV Theme Song. I can't believe he didn't let the Little House on the Prairie theme song play long enough to get to the guitar solo, though.

The second half was a literary bonanza. Round four was all about literary subtitles. I'd like to clarify that the subtitle of Slaughterhouse-Five mentions a "Duty-Dance" rather than a "Dooty-Dance" - see the difference? After that we tested your knowledge of Shakespeare and your ability to shout yes and no. As the bard said, "He that hath a beard is a quizmaster, and he that lacks a beard wishes he was a quizmaster." Finally we got to the common bond round, and we all learned that communists, herring, and Miranda Rights are all things that are red/read.

It was indeed a very close night, as all the teams were punished equally by our poor questions. But, just when we thought we were getting out of there, two teams ended up tied for the night. After a quick round of tie breaker questions that also ended in a tie (both teams overestimated the population of NYC by 24,867 when they guessed 8.2 million people), the nightly prize went to IMSA who brought their tie-breaker sheet to the front a moment before the Blockheaded Bracegirdles.

Also, as the night was wrapping up I did indeed follow through with OJ's promise of magic tricks and attempted a few mind-bending illusions. Despite the bent minds, I learned that it's really difficult to perform card tricks while holding a microphone in your hand.

Show up to next week's pub quiz for the lyrical stylings of MC OJ the Imposter.

* - And the trivia don't stop, until the panties drop?

** - For those of you who forgot to pick up your dropped knowledge at the end of the night, we've left it in a bag at the coffee bar.

Evil Mr. Phil