Pub Quiz
Weekly Retractions for 05/09/2012

Firstly, the Dog Fish Head Palo Santo Marron is a very delicious beer. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate.

Last night was a rather loose affair that bore little resemblance to the finely tuned machine that is your infallible Indian Road Café Pub Quiz. I know you're all looking for someone to blame last night on, and so I give you the Dog Fish Head Palo Santo Marron. Did you know that the DFH Palo Santo in addition to being very delicious is also quite high in alcohol?*

From the very beginning, there were oversights and mistakes made. Can you believe there was a round on misheard lyrics that didn't ask you what the term is for misheard lyrics? Props to everyone who knew the term was mondegreen.** I tell you what, that oversight really revved up my deuce. After the first round it's normally customary to have the quiz-teams-roll-call, but that was forgotten. Thank goodness we had a superfluous quizmaster in the house to make sure we adhered to all the customs you've all grown accustomed to without too much customizations. Next we had a round on NYC that lacked any questions on Dick Trickle, even though he once visited the city. Can you believe it? Oh, and don't even get me started about one of our very own quizmasters calling a centipede an insect - I don't care how interested he was that the little thing you control in the arcade game Centipede is supposed to be a garden gnome.

Top Women

The second half started off with a flawless movie quotes round. I thought maybe we'd be able to pull this thing together. Then we were invaded by SPACE TRIVIA from SPACE. It was a little indulgent, but the most grumbling came after the quizmaster refused to accept negative space as an acceptable equivalent to white space as a term commonly shared between typography, visual arts, and telecommunications. Finally we got to the final round - the Common Bond round. Dr. Jordan took last night's Common Bond round as an opportunity to teach us about the endless varieties of flies in the world. Everyone please be wary of saw flies and bottle flies this weekend.

As much abuse as we doled out throughout the night, I was amazed that we were still alive at the end of the night and announcing final scores. We'd gotten through what will hopefully go down as the sloppiest pub quiz ever. Almost. After announcing the Ecstatic Alphabets as the winners of the $25 gift certificate for the evening, we were approached by the U of I regarding our accounting. They were right - we*** had recorded the wrong score for them on an earlier round. We adjusted the scores, and although the Ecstatic Alphabets did well for the night, the University of Inwood Agent Kate Conlin Memorial Library were true winners last night! Hey, if Dumbledore can change scores at the last minute, why can't we? Take that Slytherin!

All hail University of Inwood Agent Kate Conlin Memorial Library!

I hope we'll see you back next week when the pub quiz will surely be better than last night's. And, when you're there, try the Dog Fish Head Palo Santo Marron.

* - Me neither.

** - Double props to everyone who kept it to themselves.

*** - Ok, it was me.

Evil Mr. Phil