Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 05/16/2012

Welcome trivia boffins to a very special Friday afternoon edition of the Indian Road Café Pub Quiz Weekly Recapitulation.* If you were there on Wednesday, then you know that this week's quiz was hot. If you weren't there, I'll let you think that "hot" is a reference to the intensity and enthusiasm of all those in attendance and not the oppressive heat and humidity caused by the overcrowding at the front of the room.

As for intensity and enthusiasm, our brainiest quizmaster, OJ the Imposter, came up big with a series of wordplay rounds this week. First was something called "For the Round", where all the answers included the phrase "for the".** Later he offered up a round on Repeat Offenders, where all the answers had repetitive words or names. As for me, I I love love double double Chex Chex.*** Finally, he had a round called "science" that I didn't really understand, but I assume it was also some sort of wordplay. Then this happened...

On the other side of the this-week's-trivia-rounds coin****, I had some trivia as well. There were rounds on Internet memes and initialisms, great mothers in pop culture, and of course the Common Bond round. I hoped to share some facts about everyone's favorite wife-beating crooner, Bing Crosby, but we were a little pressed for time. Now we've got all the time in the world though. So have a seat. Did you know that Bing was not his name at birth? And, not only is Bing a nickname, but it's a nickname for a nickname. He was born Harry Lillis Crosby. When he turned 6 he got his first nickname, Bingo.*****

As much as I tried to screw up the math again this week, at the end of the night there was no denying that University of Inwood Agent Kate Conlin Memorial Library were the outright winners! Congratulations guys, and I promise I won't screw up any math next week ...since I'm not hosting.

Also, there's still time to check out the Five Points Kickstarter Page and support their plans to make the greatest short-form zombie squirrel puppet movie ever!

* - It's a Friday edition because it took two days to write the first sentence.

** - And, most of the questions were about classic rock.

*** - Better better than than the the rest rest.

**** - That's the obverse side for all you non-numismatists out there.

***** - And, Bingo was his name-o. Ha!

Evil Mr. Phil