Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 06/06/2012 (Letters to OJ Edition)

My Dearest OJ the Imposter,

I write this letter to you with a heavy heart. My greatest wish was to see you at the Indian Road Café Pub Quiz yesterday evening, for my departure is but three days away, and there are many things I would have liked to have said to you. I know you worry that when next we meet things will be much changed in the world, but never worry about our IRCPQ. This pub quiz will go on forever and ever and ever, because stop is not a word we quizmasters know.* Last night was quite possibly the most exemplary night of raucous fun and great prizes for which our friends and neighbors have ever come out to join up.

Quizmistress Joey performed admirably in her debut with rounds on editors, dance crazes, and British Royalty.** She had her critics mind you, but she dispatched them handily, one at a time, with her piercing stare and her cutting fashion critiques. I think all quizmasters could learn a thing or two from her. Dr. Jordan was also in good form with his rounds on... Hmm... What were his rounds on? Well, he had "Science" and "Demonyms", but what was that first round? It was sort of a hodgepodge of vaguely humanities-related questions.. Now I remember! It was, "A Hodgepodge of Vaguely Humanities-Related Questions". All the rounds adhered to the ten question format that you love so much, and all of the questions ended with a question mark. Despite such successful arrangement of trivia questions, the quizmasters were still reluctant to call the night a success because they missed you so much, OJ.

All the non-quizmasters missed you too, but they all hid it very well and tried to enjoy a night of raucous fun and great prizes. Ron Mexico was in the house, and just like their namesake they've proven to never really go away and flare up every now and then. Touched by an Uncle was back, which makes me think your worries for the future are well-founded. We had more than half an entire Bunny Slipper team, which is always better than no Bunny Slipper team at all. Of course Random Chaos, The Manifesto, and Woman and Husband said how droll it all was without OJ around. I tend to agree, and I think all the other teams would as well.

The end of the night saw Seaman and Cumming at their regular position in the top three. But, I was very happy to see that Jew for Cheese, Buddhist for Bacon, and Goyim for Gin had reached second place for what I think is their best finish yet. The final prize at the end of the night included a cummerbund and bowtie this week, so it was fitting that IMSA should win it since they were the only team with a member wearing a tuxedo shirt. Why was he wearing a tuxedo shirt? Don't ask me.

So that's about it. Actually, there's one more thing. I know that you've never used facebook before, and I know that computers frighten you. But, our beloved Quizmasters' Cup is all grown up and has its own facebook page at TheQuizmastersCup. I think you'll enjoy reliving some of Quizzie's favorite moments and hearing some new stories it has to tell. You should ask someone to help you check it out. It'll be fine, I promise.

Until we meet again,
Your faithful quizmaster,
Evil Mr. Phil

* - We also don't know many words of foreign origin.
** - Where was Dancing Mark Harwood for all this?

Evil Mr. Phil