Pub Quiz
Weekly Recap for 06/27/2012 (Baby Picture Edition?)

By now I hope it goes without saying that this week's pub quiz was amazing. We had the usual cavalcade of trivial facts. Brian was kind enough to don his Cuban B persona once more and step in as a highly-capable guest host. He even broke new ground with the IRCPQ's first ever audio common bond round. Molly from Flying Dog showed up with over a gallon of free beer in her backpack and was awesome enough to join a team and hang out all night answering questions and buying people drinks. I think Flying Dog might be one of the IRCPQ's new favorite breweries.*

We also got word that OJ the Imposter's spawn had finally arrived, and it was...

Optimus Prime Autobot! We're happy to announce the addition of Optimus Prime Davidson to the IRCPQ family. She will henceforth be known as OPD.**

Having something to actually do with the quiz, we had winners. For the night, it was The University of Inwood at the Mayan Yeti Research Facility taking home a gift certificate and a round of drinks from Flying Dog.*** For the month, our tradition of never letting any team win the Quizmasters' Cup more than once continued as IMSA got their first month alone with it. Stay tuned right here to find out what kind of wackiness will ensue.****

Finally, I'll just remind you that the IRCPQ never has a night off. There will in fact be a pub quiz next week on July 4th as we celebrate the independence of these United States. Join us for the usual drunken debauchery, but with the added foolishness of pyrotechnics.

* - This has nothing to do with Rogue adding special ingredients to their beer.
** - Please don't confuse OPD with OPP. Or with APD - we already have enough APDs.
*** - They probably took neither of those things home.
**** - Wackiness will ensue. Oh yes, it will ensue.

Evil Mr. Phil