Pub Quiz

What kind of name is T.S. Quint?

Oh, and did I mention there's a pub quiz tonight?

Evil Mr. Phil

By now I hope it goes without saying that this week's pub quiz was amazing. We had the usual cavalcade of trivial facts. Brian was kind enough to don his Cuban B persona once more and step in as a highly-capable guest host. He even broke new ground with the IRCPQ's first ever audio common bond round. Molly from Flying Dog showed up with over a gallon of free beer in her backpack and was awesome enough to join a team and hang out all night answering questions and buying people drinks. I think Flying Dog might be one of the IRCPQ's new favorite breweries.*

We also got word that OJ the Imposter's spawn had finally arrived, and it was...

Optimus Prime Autobot! We're happy to announce the addition of Optimus Prime Davidson to the IRCPQ family. She will henceforth be known as OPD.**

Having something to actually do with the quiz, we had winners. For the night, it was The University of Inwood at the Mayan Yeti Research Facility taking home a gift certificate and a round of drinks from Flying Dog.*** For the month, our tradition of never letting any team win the Quizmasters' Cup more than once continued as IMSA got their first month alone with it. Stay tuned right here to find out what kind of wackiness will ensue.****

Finally, I'll just remind you that the IRCPQ never has a night off. There will in fact be a pub quiz next week on July 4th as we celebrate the independence of these United States. Join us for the usual drunken debauchery, but with the added foolishness of pyrotechnics.

* - This has nothing to do with Rogue adding special ingredients to their beer.
** - Please don't confuse OPD with OPP. Or with APD - we already have enough APDs.
*** - They probably took neither of those things home.
**** - Wackiness will ensue. Oh yes, it will ensue.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 University of Inwood at the Mayan Yeti Research Facility 56
2 Livin' is Easy on Seaman and Cumming 55
3 Intestinal Flora 54
House of Romayev 50
Random Chaos 49
T-Birds, Esq. 49
We're Still Writing Ron Mexico 48
Masters of the Universe 47
The Manifesto 44
Sploosh 39
Trivialis of the World Unite 38
Jew for Cheese, Buddhist for Bacon, and Goyim for Gin 32
Gargamels 26
Beez Kneez 25
Legendary Loser 24
Blond à Trois 14
Say Say 9
Evil Mr. Phil

Details are unclear regarding the Hint of the Week for 06/27, but it's possible that the situation is very bad. No facts have been verified yet, but that won't stop us from posting all we've heard as if it's the absolute truth.

Evil Mr. Phil

As the University of Inwood's time with the coveted Quizmasters' Cup draws to a close, I find myself wondering whether the cup will continue to post pictures of itself at TheQuizmastersCup. I also wonder what team will be taking the cup home next month. I guess we'll find out tomorrow night.

Evil Mr. Phil

This week we saw what was most probably the most catastrophic collapse ever witnessed at the Indian Road Cafe Pub Quiz. And we are happy to announce that it wasn't yet another night of quizmaster flubs.

Everything started off so nicely. We welcomed back one of our favorite teams, Plan C, who had all been away pursuing their careers as teen heartthrobs. They recently turned 21, and pop music's loss was our gain as they came back to the quiz and were finally able to take their rightful place in the post-round chug-offs. Our first round of the night was Great Moments in US Tavern History, though some may argue that dying of alcohol poisoning after 18 straight whiskeys is not so great a moment. Alas. Then there were questions about business and birds. Everyone was having a good time. Ron Mexico was in the lead at half-time, which I'm sure made them burn for victory.*

After the halftime break, OJ had an excellent round called The Sea Between, where you had to name the sea that was between two countries he listed. I was pretty upset that he didn't ask about the Titicaca Sea between Bolivia and Peru, but all-in-all it was a good round. Next was the PJ-inspired Too-EZ round, for which he neglected to show up. (Insert French sneer.) By the time OJ tallied the final scores after his Common Bond round on coats it was clear that two teams were tied for the lead at the end of the night - IMSA and Ron Mexico. Luckily, at the beginning of the night we'd found a scrap of paper with a few tiebreaker questions on it just sitting around at the front of the room.** OJ delivered the questions. The teams ran in their answers. Then the collapse happened. As OJ reviewed the tiebreaker answers the night quickly took a turn toward celebrity jeopardy.

With each team getting one of the first two questions, it would all come down to the third question. How long is the Nile? That's it. We'll take miles or kilometers, your choice. The team with the closest answer walks away with the $25 gift certificate, and the other team just walks away. IMSA put in a guess of about 3000 miles.*** The answer given by Ron Mexico... "Very Long (in feet)".

Afterward, one member of the team described the experience as getting a chance to make a free throw at the end of the big game, but instead he just threw the ball into the crowd. I think that's pretty close. Though, from where I was sitting it looked more like he got up to make the free throw, but instead the whole team lumbered toward the basketball like a mob of zombies to a severed head. Then they all started to break it open so they could get at all those delicious brains inside. When they finally popped the ball and found it to be empty, that's when they all stared up with looks of perplexed disappointment as they finished the game without a victory and without brains. Bam!

Congrats to IMSA on the win, and I hope everyone comes back next week for the exciting conclusion to the June 2012 Edition of the IRCPQ. If all goes according to plan we'll announce the winner to this week's Name the New Quizmaster contest.

* - Enough with the herpes jokes already.
** - Seriously, we don't know where it came from.
*** - I have no idea what their guess was or how long the Nile is. It didn't matter.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 We're Still Writing Ron Mexico 57
IMSA 57*
2 Random Chaos 53
The Manifesto 53
3 Jew for Cheese, Buddhist for Bacon, and Goyim for Gin 52
Livin' is Easy on Seaman and Cumming 52
University of Inwood at the Mayan Yeti Research Facility 51
The Return of Swamp Ass 46
Shitt Romney 43
Grifbek 40
Plan C 40
T-Birds, Esq. 40
Woman and Husband 39
Gittlemarsh 36
5 Alive 26
The Radishes 16
Evil Mr. Phil

I've had Internet technology on my brain lately. It might make sense to look up a few standard leetspeak terms.

One of my favorites is a term that might be mispronounced as the name of a border town in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Random Chaos 52
2 Jew for Cheese, Buddhist for Bacon, and Goyim for Gin 51
3 Livin' is Easy on Seaman and Cumming 50.5
Sadness is My Boyfriend 49.5
IMSA 48.5
University of Inwood at the Mayan Yeti Research Facility 48.5
We're Still Writing Ron Mexico 44
Shitt Romney 42
Cheese From Around the World 39.5
Gittlemarsh 34
T-Birds, Esq. 31.5
The Manifesto 31.5
Trivialis of the World Unite 30.5
Franny 26
Woman and Husband 26
Eufouria 25
Special K 20.5
OJ the Imposter

Because I was absent from the pub quiz last night, I have no way to write a proper recap. Instead I ask you the reader to share your memories and musings in the comments below. If enough people chime in, perhaps we can reconstruct the wonderment and excitement that surely defined last night's event.

Oh, and here's something to watch while you collect your thoughts.

See you in the comments.

Evil Mr. Phil