Pub Quiz

This week's hint was sent in by tonight's guest quizmaster, The Natural Wunder of Inwood, Wunderman himself, Mr. Wunder.

His hint for you:

Where the hell did I put my Cap Snaffler?

OJ the Imposter

Evil Mr. Phil,

Your letter was very kind. I'm sorry to have missed such an amazing night at the IRCPQ. I missed you too as I sat through breast feeding class. That's right. Breast feeding class.


OJ the Impostor

OJ the Imposter

My Dearest OJ the Imposter,

I write this letter to you with a heavy heart. My greatest wish was to see you at the Indian Road Café Pub Quiz yesterday evening, for my departure is but three days away, and there are many things I would have liked to have said to you. I know you worry that when next we meet things will be much changed in the world, but never worry about our IRCPQ. This pub quiz will go on forever and ever and ever, because stop is not a word we quizmasters know.* Last night was quite possibly the most exemplary night of raucous fun and great prizes for which our friends and neighbors have ever come out to join up.

Quizmistress Joey performed admirably in her debut with rounds on editors, dance crazes, and British Royalty.** She had her critics mind you, but she dispatched them handily, one at a time, with her piercing stare and her cutting fashion critiques. I think all quizmasters could learn a thing or two from her. Dr. Jordan was also in good form with his rounds on... Hmm... What were his rounds on? Well, he had "Science" and "Demonyms", but what was that first round? It was sort of a hodgepodge of vaguely humanities-related questions.. Now I remember! It was, "A Hodgepodge of Vaguely Humanities-Related Questions". All the rounds adhered to the ten question format that you love so much, and all of the questions ended with a question mark. Despite such successful arrangement of trivia questions, the quizmasters were still reluctant to call the night a success because they missed you so much, OJ.

All the non-quizmasters missed you too, but they all hid it very well and tried to enjoy a night of raucous fun and great prizes. Ron Mexico was in the house, and just like their namesake they've proven to never really go away and flare up every now and then. Touched by an Uncle was back, which makes me think your worries for the future are well-founded. We had more than half an entire Bunny Slipper team, which is always better than no Bunny Slipper team at all. Of course Random Chaos, The Manifesto, and Woman and Husband said how droll it all was without OJ around. I tend to agree, and I think all the other teams would as well.

The end of the night saw Seaman and Cumming at their regular position in the top three. But, I was very happy to see that Jew for Cheese, Buddhist for Bacon, and Goyim for Gin had reached second place for what I think is their best finish yet. The final prize at the end of the night included a cummerbund and bowtie this week, so it was fitting that IMSA should win it since they were the only team with a member wearing a tuxedo shirt. Why was he wearing a tuxedo shirt? Don't ask me.

So that's about it. Actually, there's one more thing. I know that you've never used facebook before, and I know that computers frighten you. But, our beloved Quizmasters' Cup is all grown up and has its own facebook page at TheQuizmastersCup. I think you'll enjoy reliving some of Quizzie's favorite moments and hearing some new stories it has to tell. You should ask someone to help you check it out. It'll be fine, I promise.

Until we meet again,
Your faithful quizmaster,
Evil Mr. Phil

* - We also don't know many words of foreign origin.
** - Where was Dancing Mark Harwood for all this?

Evil Mr. Phil
1 IMSA 46
2 Jew for Cheese, Buddhist for Bacon, and Goyim for Gin 41
3 Livin' is Easy on Seaman and Cumming 40
Sadness is My Boyfriend 39
University of Inwood at the Mayan Yeti Research Facility 39
Intestinal Flora 36
The 3/5 Bunny Compromise 36
Random Chaos 35
The Resolutions 35
Trivialis of the World Unite 35
T-Birds, Esq. 33
We're Still Writing Ron Mexico 33
Gittlemarsh 30
The Manifesto 28
Woman and Husband 25
Valar Morghulis 17
Touched by an Uncle 15
Evil Mr. Phil

Tonight's guest quizmaster, Joey, sent in this hint:

100% pure Angus: The Social Network was only the beginning.

Good luck with that, everybody. See you next week.

OJ the Imposter

The month of May has ended, and it ended with The University of Inwood Agent Kate Conlin Memorial Library teaching us all a lesson in consistency. They took the lead early in the month and never looked back, though they were followed pretty closely by Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya... Seaman and Cumming and The Ecstatic Alphabets. As for this week's quiz, there's not that much to say. There were winners and losers, birthday chugs and stripper jewelry*, Prilosecs and Nexiums... we had it all.

While we all ponder what awaits us in June and what University of Inwood has in store for our beloved Quizmasters Cup, I'd like to share this commercial that Joe of Inwood Nation used as musical inspiration for their team's Quizmasters Cup celebration video.

Ok, now turn off your computer or put down your smart phone, and go out to a park to enjoy this lovely day. Tell 'em that Evil Mr. Phil sent you!

* - Ask Dr. Mo about stripper jewelry (and dance dollars).

Evil Mr. Phil
1 University of Inwood Agent Kate Conlin Memorial Library 50
2 Random Chaos 49
The Ecstatic Alphabets 49
3 Inwood Nation 47
Inwood Interfaith Chuggers Travelling Circus 45
Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya... Seaman and Cumming 43
T-Birds, Esq. 42
I Walked On Your Face 40
May the Trivialis Be With You 40
The Manifesto 36
Date Night! 31
Hungry Hungarian Hippos 31
Have Mercy 23
Team Al 12
Evil Mr. Phil

Was anyone else wondering where Inwood Nation was last week? Well, the answer was waiting in my inbox when I awoke this morning. Apparently they got trapped within the Quizmasters Cup which they won last month and all embarked on a psychedelic journey across the universe. The good news is they've made it back alive, the weird news is...

I'm sorry that you now have that song stuck in your head.

Oh, and come to IRC tonight to see who takes home the Quizmasters Cup this month. See you there!

Evil Mr. Phil

Do you ever find yourself asking, "What is Quiz City?"

Evil Mr. Phil

It was another idle Wednesday for your least-Jordany quizmaster, The Evil Mr. Phil. I brought pen and paper with me to the quiz, but I was still asking myself whether I should do another low-tech live blog. After finding a space at the bar and getting my beer stein filled, I asked myself why I'd ever question this.

8:00 Two out of two Random Chaos Matts agree that live blogging is the way to go. Welcome to the second installment of the live blogged weekly recap.
8:05 The Price is Right theme song is playing and Dr. Jordan has stepped up to the mic!
8:06 This pub quiz sure has a lot of rules. I feel repressed.
8:07 Tonight is sponsored by Butternuts (that's right, Butter Nuts). Tonight's prizes are t-shirts featuring the Pork Slap logo. Oh, and they have women's sizes.
8:08 Journeyman quizzer Naomi is sitting next to me at the bar, and she keeps asking me whether I'm sure I know what blogging is. The once-live-blogged-about quizmaster, Cuban B, is participating in an exhibition chug against a guy with an impressive braided pony tail.
8:09 Looks like that wasn't the pony-tailed gentleman's first time having a beer, as he chugged it handily.
8:10 We just had a pint-on-us toss up question about WD40. (If it's moving and it shouldn't, use duct tape. If it's not moving and it should, use WD40.)
8:11 All teams have answer sheets, and we're starting round 1 - "A Titulating Round". Seems to be about titular characters. (Feel free to mark off "titular" on your IRCPQ bingo cards.)

answering questions

8:22 Cooling off with some nice cold double IPA from Speakeasy after ten "hot" titular character questions.
8:23 OJ the Imposter is at the mic, and he looks like he has something to say. Oh, he has something sad to say. It's a "sad" round. One thing about OJ - he's a man who likes his wordplay.

answering questions
mid-round aside: He's also a man who likes his global current events. C'mon OJ, this is 'murica!

8:38 Roll call time. Woman and Husband are first, and... I can't keep up. Just check the score sheet - they're all there.
8:41 Dr. Jordan is letting us know how we did on the first round. I'm sitting in as a mostly-silent member of Random Chaos, and so far we're doing pretty well.
8:44 Our representative chugger did well in the tie-breaker chug for that round, but alas, U of I's Noah prevailed and won a chance to select a woman's t-shirt.
8:45 Dr. Jordan is starting a round called "Air Heads" based on Us Weekly and People magazines. (I wonder if the first question will be, "What's a magazine?")

answering questions
mid-round aside: Snooki's not being from New Jersey, doesn't make New Jersey that much better.

8:56 Just enough time for OJ to tell us how badly we did on round 2, and then we'll be at halftime. (I hope we get halftime snacks.)
8:57 Before reviewing the "sad" round, we got the sad trombone sound effect - nice. The PaliSADes Parkway just got the most applause that any roadway has ever received.
9:02 Five teams are chugging for a shirt. Yet again there's one girl in the mix.
9:03 Yet again a dude has won. Will the women-sized Butternuts shirts go unclaimed?


9:21 Halftime is over. There were no halftime snacks. Fatigue is really setting in. I'll remind you that the pub quiz is a marathon, not a sprint. So tired.
9:23 Dr. Jordan has answers for the Us Weekly round. There's no tie, but an 0/10 team has been brought up to chug against a 10/10 team. One team did better with wordplay, but let's see who can chug the fastest. And... it's... Pedal and Paddle over U of I for beer-chugging supremacy. Who needs points when you've got beer?
9:27 But, OJ has just announced that U of I is in the lead at halftime with an incredible 29 points! Who needs beer when you've got points?
9:31 OJ just did a pint-on-us question about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's indoor plumbing. He was the first in America to have it, if I heard correctly.
9:32 Now he's begun round 4 - all about "Divas". If he asks a question about me, I swear I'll throw an absolute fit and walk right out the door!

answering questions

9:46 Oh Boy. Dr. Jordan is asking about Grammys. Ah, it's an "Initially the Same" round. I guess we'll have to come back to this question after we figure out what the initials are.

answering questions
mid-round aside: OJ just sauntered over to get our answer sheet and while here he ate my nachos. Damn. He invoked quizmaster's privilege. Nothing I could do about it. It's in our IRCPQ QM bylaws and everything.

9:59 I think Dr. Jordan escaped "Initially the Same" by the skin of his teeth. There was a lot of grumbling at the beginning, but by the end we figured out the initials and worked backwards. That's when I stopped grumbling.
10:00 OJ has answers for the divas round, and he's totally strutting around like he owns the place.
10:01 Man, it's getting late. These guys better step it up so we can all get home to watch public access television.
10:02 Yay! Another tie at the end of a round! More beer chugging! And, our very own Ryan "The Cardigan" Ryanman (I'm assuming his last name is Ryanman) just killed his beer!
10:07 (The New York Ice Hockey Rangers have just tied their game at 3!)
10:08 Alright, time for the Common Bond round.

answering questions

10:16 Our answers are all set. Time to sit back and wait to see if anyone caught up with U of I.
10:19 Dr. Jordan has answers to the "Initially the Same" round, where the initials were "FA". There's some beer poured. I guess there's gonna be more chugging. Whoa! A six way! I wonder if that's even legal in this state.
10:33 OJ has finished grading the CB round. Let's see how this thing ends.
10:35 The Common Bond is Arnold Schwarzenegger? I think that's the most perfectly developed Common Bond we've ever had.
10:37 A tie in the chug off. Ecstatic Alphabets and Touched by an Uncle (I think) are having a rematch.
10:38 Robin, the flying Scotsman, keeps waving his phone in my direction. Either he wants me to call him this weekend or the Rangers just lost to the Devils (talk about a Sophie's choice).
10:40 Final scores... I'm getting pretty tired... I say check the scoresheet online.
10:43 Damn. Tie for the night between U of I and my adoptive team, Random Chaos. They're getting tie-breaker questions. I've had to abandon my team for this.
10:45 Tie-breaker sheets are in, and Random Chaos has won 2-1. Tonight that means a whole slew of Butternuts beer in addition to the $25 gift certificate. Thank goodness it's over. We can all go home now.

As the man in the sign-off says, "Goodnight, and see you next week!"

Evil Mr. Phil