Pub Quiz

Dr. Jordan doesn't know how to use a computer, but he just bellowed a hint out from the depths of his secret lair. For those of you who didn't hear him, he said, "In a throw back to one of last week's rounds. I'm going to drill a hole in my head."

At least, I think that was a hint. Show up tonight to find out whether or not Dr. Jordan has additional holes in his mohawked head.

Evil Mr. Phil

As Mark Twain once said, "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."

But, enough about him. We had a fantastic pub quiz last night, and I'm going to tell you all about it. Our prizes last night were provided by the good people at the Bronx Brewery, so right away we had things on the right track. I am aware of at least two regulars of the quiz that celebrated birthdays this week, though they were both smart enough to avoid the pub quiz.* Finally, this was our last quiz of the month, so at the end of the night we got to award the coveted Quizmaster's Cup to a new team.

We opened the night with a round on Wild Things, including wild rice, wildebeests, and Bill and Ted's Wyld Stallyns.** OJ then did a round on the American Revolution, during which we made all of our visitors from across the pond exit the café. Of course we let our French visitors stick around so we could find out if they knew that Denim comes from the French "de Nîmes".

In the second half of the quiz we brought out the big guns. There was a round on literary animals - did you know Charlotte's last name in Charlotte's Web is Cavatica? Did you even care? We had a wordplay round called Nations of the World with answers like urination, consternation and cross-pollination.*** Finally we got to the common bond round which continued an unsettling trend by being about cats.

When all the dust settled there was only one team atop the nightly standings, and that was Random Chaos. Though, as I said before, this was the last Wednesday of the month, so we had to do a little extra math. Winning for the month of April and earning tickets from AllShows, a custom-made cocktail in their honor, and a month alone with the coveted Quizmaster's Cup was Inwood Nation.

Thanks as always to everyone who has continued to show up to the quiz week after week after week after week. I'm not sure I totally understand it, but it's fantastic. See you next week!

* - Don't worry Phil and Rachel, you'll get yours.

** - Bill and Ted's movie poster tagline: History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell.

*** - Speaking of pollination, I'm thinking of marketing "Evil Mr. Phil's Stamen Tincture: For Those with Microgametophyte Issues".

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Random Chaos 50
2 Celebrate! Seaman and Cumming: The Next Generation 49
3 A Citroën on a Sine Curve 48
Inwood Nation 48
Let's Get Quizzical 46
Executive Koala in Bunny Slippers 45
T-Birds 45
The Manifesto 40
Built by Trivialis 37
mfmmy 35
Honkshu 34
Kosher for Passover Episcopal Chametz Collectors and a Jew with a Dollar 26
The Nancy Drews 24
David and Jane 15
Woman and Husband 14
Bunny Slippers Part Deux: Electric Boogaleux 9
Evil Mr. Phil

The fact that the Animaniac's "Nations of the World" was created in 1993 won't matter for tonight's questions.

Study up, people!

See you tonight.

Evil Mr. Phil

This month while you were frittering away your time watching Mameshiba videos, the Blockheaded Bracegirdles (winners for the month of March) were getting to know the Quizmaster's Cup. Here's a slideshow they sent in:

After you've finished drying your eyes, I'd like to remind you that next month this could be you "getting to know the cup".* At this time tomorrow we'll be awarding the cup to whichever team has the most points for April. That means you've only got about 24 more hours to get as many points as you can! Go get some points!

* - I don't know what those quotes "are for".

Evil Mr. Phil

This week was another exciting week at the pub quiz. Inexplicably, two of the quizmasters were playing rather than hosting. That seems to have been a counting error we won't make. Or, maybe it wasn't a mistake at all. Maybe the quizmasters strategically placed themselves around the cafe to see what life is like among the common non-masters.

The floor was given to Geoff the Hammer. Trivia questions look like nails to him. Hammer away he did. He brought the head down early and often. He kicked things off with a pint on us about astronaut urine. Then he asked about popularity...the most popular college, the person with the most twitter followers, the most popular quizmaster at the IRCPQ. That one got dicey.

That was followed by a round on Death and Taxes. Did you know Benjamin Franklin was writing a letter to a Frenchman when he said "Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes"?

The Hammer seized the mic again for a round about Legal words that start with E. Think entrapment, executor, eavesdropping, esquire.

OJ was back in the second half with some info about Thomas Alva Edison's fondness for Mary Had a Little Lamb. Then there was a round on Lemons. Who doesn't love Liz Lemon? Or Jack Lemmon? Or a Lemondrop?

The always spectacular fifth round had a lot about seconds and thirds, like the third most popular name is Williams.

That brought us to the common bond, in which nine questions somehow had answers that related to the Goonies. Surprisingly, the Goonies is not the second highest grossing movie domestically. Ah well.

Congratulations to Inwood Nation who won for the night and are well positioned to take home the title for the month. Also, thanks to Inwood Nation for fixing up the Bonus Machine.

See you all next Wednesday.

OJ the Imposter
1 Inwood Nation 47
2 Celebrate! Seaman and Cumming: The Next Generation 45
Let's Get Quizzical 45
3 Bunny Slippers Part Deux: Electric Boogaleux 44
Woman and Husband 44
Executive Koala in Bunny Slippers 42
University of Inwood Truancy Office 42
A Citroën on a Sine Curve 36
Random Chaos 36
"Retired" Secret Service Looking for a Good Time 36
The Manifesto 36
Built by Trivialis 35
Big Red Machine 32
Team Boo 31
OJ the Imposter

Beware of a skull with a snake coming out of the mouth.

OJ the Imposter

If you're anything like me, then you probably find yourself answering a lot of fan mail on Thursday mornings...*

For those of you that are still reading, let me tell you about this week's pub quiz. It went very well, and may have been our best pub quiz of the entire week. This week was something of a homecoming. We had University of Inwood in session (even though all the other local schools were on break), the unwittingly ironic-named Triumphant Return of Ron Mexico, and finally the long anticipated return of The Manifesto to the pub quiz winner's circle. Welcome back, guys!

Mattie Belle Carelock

Since both Jordans were traversing these United States in search of new material for the quiz, I was fortunate to have Brave Sir Robin to assist in the distribution of trivia. We opened the night with a round on commercial mascots, letting everyone show off their knowledge of Nasonex, Snuggle, and 7-up. Then we continued the homecoming theme with a subject that had been unofficially banned at the IRCPQ for the last three years. Only Brave Sir Robin had the Iguanodons to bring back Dinosaur questions to the quiz, and he totally killed it.** After that was a round called Portrait of Gary as an Oldman, that focused on Gary Oldman, but also asked you what US river is known as The Old Man.***

For the second half of the quiz, Robin took us all on a tour of NYC when he asked us what significant events happened at a series of notable addresses on particular dates. I'd like to add that, for the people who lost their luggage at JFK on February 7th, 1964, it was a pretty significant event. For the fifth round we were joined in spirit by the T-Birds, who couldn't be here in person, but were generous enough to send in a round on guns and ammo. Finally, as part of the Common Bond round, Robin tested your knowledge of NYC-based bands.

At the end of the night, Noah got to celebrate his birthday by being the first person to activate the much talked about Bonus Machine. In a highly-expected turn of events the machine didn't do anything. The good people of Inwood Nation have promised to remedy the situation with a healthy dose of solder during the next week or so. Be sure to come back and see if the Bonus Machine will do anything. Also, we'll have beer.

* - Citibank and Chase are my two biggest fans.

** - Now it's extinct.

*** - Not to be confused with the Oldman River.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 The Manifesto 52.5
2 University of Inwood Truancy Office 51.5
3 Executive Koala in Bunny Slippers 50.5
Inwood Nation 50.5
A Citroën on a Sine Curve 47.5
Celebrate! Seaman and Cumming: The Next Generation 47.5
Random Chaos 46
The Resolutions 46
Temujin and Borte 36.5
The Triumphant Return of Ron Mexico 34
PBR 32
Woman and Husband 31.5
Kosher for Passover Episcopal Chametz Collectors and a Jew with a Dollar 27.5
Evil Mr. Phil