Pub Quiz

Reminder: extra points for the best costume tonight.

Today's hint: What you talkin' bout, Sears?

OJ the Imposter

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween Saturday playing in the snow and is currently having a happy Halloween Monday. Just a reminder that tomorrow is Halloween Tuesday which is followed by Halloween Wednesday, which is why we'll be celebrating Halloween at the IRCPQ this week.

Happy Halloween

Please help us celebrate by showing up in a costume and in the Halloween spirit. We'll be asking shockingly difficult questions, drinking a frightening amount of beer, and listening to the Ghostbusters theme song throughout the evening. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Happy Halloween!

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Random Chaos 55
2 Team Two 53
3 IMSA 48
Smells Like Team Spirit 48
Krapula 46
Yom Slippur to Bunnyween 43.5
Paula Dean Y'all 43
Seaman Asking, Cumming, Telling 42.5
T-Birds 41
Ignorant Virtuosos 39
All Hallows Trivialis 38
Hop Devils 32.5
The Manifesto 31.5
Tweens Team 26.5
My Couch Pulls Out But I Didn't 26
Colonel Ingus 25.5
Trader Hoe's 22
Cornwallis 18
Evil Mr. Phil

Do barbary macaques carry Prudential insurance?

OJ the Imposter
1 IMSA 50.5
2 Seaman Asking, Cumming, Telling 45
3 Krapula 44
Smells Like Team Spirit 44
Yom Slippur to Bunnyween 44
Team Two 42.5
Random Chaos 40
T-Birds 39
All Hallows Trivialis 34.5
The Manifesto 33.5
Klik 30
Lollygaggers 30
Paula Dean Y'all 30
Trader Hoe's 26
Colonel Ingus 22.5
Gigante y Picante 16
Evil Mr. Phil

Does the revolution start on October 25th or on November 7th? I hope it's next Tuesday.

OJ the Imposter
1 Smells Like Team Spirit 53
2 Krapula 51
Random Chaos 51
3 Inwood Nation 50
Seaman Asking, Cumming, Telling 49
Team Two 48
Ignorant Virtuosos 45
Menage รก Six 45
All Hallows Trivialis 35
The Public Servants 35
The Manifesto 28
Paula Dean Y'all 26
Trader Hoe's 16
Evil Mr. Phil

Two hints for tonight. 1) For the perfect crime, take Nietzsche with you. 2) This morning, the dawn came up like thunder.

OJ the Imposter
1 Team Two 58.5
2 Smells Like Team Spirit 54
3 Krapula 53.5
Random Chaos 53
Seaman Asking, Cumming, Telling 50.5
All Hallows Trivialis 49
University of Inwood Hougland Annex 47.5
The Manifesto 46.5
Destiny's Flame 44.5
Yom Slippur to Bunnyween 43
Ignorant Virtuosos 38.5
Cupcakes and Malnutrition 37.5
Paula Dean Y'all 35.5
Cornwallis 19.5
Colonel Ingus 16.5
Evil Mr. Phil

From Italy to Uruguay to Peru to San Francisco, the candy man can...even if the Swiss now own him.

OJ the Imposter