Pub Quiz

If you couldn't make it to the quiz last night or you're having trouble remembering what happened, have no fear. This is a recap of last night's events.

We had yet another full house at the Indian Road Café and extended our consecutive pub quiz record to 159 weeks. Pub Quiz regular Alicia almost managed a perfect night of consecutive chug-off wins as she celebrated another consecutive year of life - we wish her silence and low-lighting on this the day after her Birthday.

As always, there was a mixed bag of questions and mispronunciations, and here are some of the highlights. The night of light entertainment opened with a round of "weighty" questions, and I finally learned just what the heck a Bantam is. As usual, Dr. Jordan was obdurate in his grading, but oblivious to all your objections for his What About Ob? round. I mailed it in for round 3 with a Mini Common Bond round about holiday eating habits - what do thrift stores, minutes, and quizmasters at Thanksgiving Dinner all have?

The second half of the night gets a little fuzzier, but I believe there was a round on literature. Ah, yes, now I remember. You were all asked who wrote, "Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes"? Which begs the follow-up question, who read "Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes"? In the Jeopardy! round (where all the questions and answers were in the form of a question) we had a lengthy discussion about Paul Marcarelli's many on-screen roles. And finally, Dr. Jordan baffled many with his cryptic common bond about Mustachioed Men.


This really shouldn't have been that cryptic since every other word out of Dr. Jordan's mouth was "mustache" as he showed off the fruits of his Mo-vember labors and asked for donations. In fact, if you didn't get a chance to donate last night you can make a donation via the Mo-Space page.

Congratulations to the winners of the night: A Team With True Gout. If I may don the doctor's hat for a moment, I think they should use their prize money to buy some True Vitamin C which might help with their condition.

Oh, and did I mention that this was the last quiz of the month and that we crowned our November trivia champions? Yes, it's true. Perennial favorites Seaman Cumming To Baste Your Turkey showed great finishing skills in maintaining their lead and holding on for their first monthly win in a long, long time. To them goes the All Shows theater-concert-sporting-event tickets and also the high esteem of their competition.

They are also the inaugural winners of the Indian Road Café Cocktail Naming Rights and next week will have a punch named for and inspired by their team. Rachel, thanks for doing this and we hope this team name offers enough of a challenge to your mixological skill-set.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who kept reading for this long and to everyone who showed up this month. See you next week!

Evil Mr. Phil
1 They Tell Me You Are a Team With True Gout 52
2 Seaman Cumming to Baste Your Turkey 51.5
3 Inwood Nation 51
Mr. McGiblets 50
The Manifesto 47.5
Occupy the University of Inwood 46
Rabbit Hood: Men in Slippers 46
Occupy Trivialis 45.5
Battle Toads 43.5
Random Chaos 39.5
Ain't No Chuggers 39
Trader Ho's 28
Evil Mr. Phil

Was anyone else watching The Price Is Right on October 12, 2009?

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Occupy the University of Inwood 60
2 Rabbit Hood: Men in Slippers 59
Seaman Cumming to Baste Your Turkey 59
3 Battle Toads 53.5
Random Chaos 53
They Tell Me You Are a Team With True Gout 53
T-Birds 51
Tryptophenatics 50
Jiggles and Tickles 43
Inwood Nation 40
The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving 34
Ice Road Truckers 31
Donna 28
JK-KJ 21
OJ the Imposter

Senor Pizza, you made a mistake. I did not order extra anchovies.

OJ the Imposter

Ever wonder where your quizmasters get their amazing beards? Sometimes they seek them out in the far reaches of the world, sometime they bargain for them in open-air markets, but some quizmasters they just grow their own.

How to Grow a Beard

There are already plans forming for "How to Grow a Full Beard".

"Huzzah!" on Flickr

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Seaman Cumming to Baste Your Turkey 51
2 They Tell Me You Are a Team With True Gout 50
3 Mr. McGiblets 46
Occupy Trivialis 46
Occupy the University of Inwood 44
Victims of Herman Cain 43
Rabbit Hood: Men in Slippers 39
Random Chaos 38
Robby Champagne 38
Misplaced Modifiers 36
Battle Toads 32
Trader Ho's 30
Episco-Bums 27
The Manifesto 19
Who Knows! 10
OJ the Imposter

Brown is good. White is bad. I'm not talking about rice.

OJ the Imposter
1 IMSA 51
2 Seaman Cumming to Baste Your Turkey 48
3 Rabbit Hood: Men in Slippers 47
Occupy the University of Inwood 46
Mr. McGiblets 45
Random Chaos 44
They Tell Me You Are a Team With True Gout 42
The Manifesto 40
Occupy Trivialis 39
Unregistered Sex Offenders 35
Ed Hermes 34
What Was That? 23
Rusty Duncan 21
Lavender Menace 14
Marble Brats 14
Evil Mr. Phil

1%-ers: Watch out for exploding horse-drawn carriages.

OJ the Imposter