Pub Quiz

Join us for Quiz at 8 PM Eastern tonight! (Because they're in Cali, Facebook thinks it's at 5 when you embed the video... ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

You can watch the broadcast right here, but if you want to comment and submit your scores head on over to the Uptown Plague Quiz Facebook Page!

Professor Lone Star

Is this where you sign up to devote your life to weasels?

The Sadieist

I have a hint for you, courtesy tonight's guest host, Greg.

"The Hopi word for Life out of Balance is as apt today as it was in 1982."

Well I don't know about you, but I've been pretty out of balance lately, so here's to quiz getting me back to normal tonight! See you all on the Facebook Page tonight at 8!

Professor Lone Star
Dr. Jordan

The strange and wonderful (or wonderful and strange) collection of Quiz denizens were seen to gather again. There were video feeds from living rooms, dining rooms, and maybe a bathroom or two, but we aren't sure about that.

Naomi of the North and Mary O'Shag asked some questions. Apparently much was learned about bras. Alcohol seemed to have been consumed.

Pets and children were seen, trash was talked, and apparently side conversations were conducted.

This will all happen again tomorrow, except (probably) for the bra education.

Wear something interesting tomorrow, preferably on your head, where it can be seen without too much trauma.

PS--for those who were especially puzzled, this is a longline bra.

Mary O'Shag

A tarboosh by another name would wear as well.

Mary O'Shag

What would you call a one-inch grub transformed by radiation?

Log onto our Facebook Page tonight at 8 PM to find out!

Professor Lone Star

Man - what couple weeks, am I right?

Just when we were debating whether or not to cancel Pub Quiz, ultimately deciding to not do it for the safety of our enthusiastic players, the city shut down. Damn.

But here we are, in our separate homes, hopefully staying nice and safe.

Let's look at the bright side:

Ummmmmm... alternate side parking is suspended? The moon isn't crashing into Earth? I dunno, guys.

Oh! Hey! We had Pub Quiz last week! Remotely! It was like HQ, but without any real prizes! (so just HQ, I guess)

It was a growing experience, but I think we all learned a little something. Mainly, how to use the mute button on a conference call. And hopefully not to go to the bathroom on a video chat.

Anyway, I think Red Shoes won, but they were keeping score, so who knows? Their prize was a decapitated head I ripped off of the old Quizmaster's Cup. I'm sure they're very excited.

We'll try it again tomorrow and see how it works out! See you then!

Professor Lone Star

Greetings quiz family!

We will be live streaming quiz on Facebook Live tonight at 8PM!

Head on over to our Facebook Page and while you're there, why not order some food for delivery from Buddha Taco Bar!

You can find Buddha Taco Bar on Grubhub or by calling (646) 478-8086!

See you at 8PM!

Professor Lone Star

Here's a hint for tonight: make sure you're on the UPQ Facebook Page at 8PM EST!

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Professor Lone Star