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Since you won't be wasting time on Wikipedia today, please join Dr. Jordan today.

As for today's no-Wikipedia-necessary hint:

Did anyone else collect when the underdog beat the spread at the Holiday Bowl on December 29, 2000?

OJ the Imposter

We had a full house of giant-brained quizzers last week, so we your quizmasters were forced to pour a lot of tie-breaker beers.

Genesee Cream Ale

To all those who show up this week expecting to score a ridiculously high number of points, I'd like to remind you that this Wednesday is the 18th of January, and in many cultures the 18th of January is regarded as the most difficult pub quiz night of the year. Consider yourselves warned, and when you show up this Wednesday be prepared for anything.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 The Turtle Orgasms 58
2 Treats and Snoozin 57
3 Random Chaos 55
Semiannual University of Inwood Tailored Underpants Party 54
T-Birds 52
2012: The Year of the Bunny Slippocalypse 51
Frothy Mix - Private Sector (999) 51
Poughkeepsie Mudhens 51
The Unregistered Sex Offendors 51
Seaman Cumming to the End of the World 50
Ignorant Virtuosos 49
Puppies 49
Dodeca Trivialis 47
Bad Karma 42.5
Woman and Husband 39
The Little Larry Sellerses 31
Norfolk and Chance 29
Evil Mr. Phil

In the 1800s there was a rebellious leader living in Sherwood Forest, and his name was not Robin.

Evil Mr. Phil

You know the new year was kicked off right when you find yourself writing the Weekly Recap (Ye Pale Wreck) from a courthouse. Jury duty is an indication that you partied hard, right? I indeed have jury duty today, so I'm writing this from 111 Centre Strete. I'm currently waiting in a hallway for them to call my name so I can go wait in a different hallway. The hallways are nice though. And, it's fascinating listening to all these lawyerly people having heated arguments with each other as they walk past. I haven't seen this much animosity since the literary anagrams round I did last night.


Seriously. If that round was any indication of things to come in 2012, I better start looking for the chicken farm right now. Fortunately, one round does not a pub quiz make. I don't think I'd be overselling it to say that the other five rounds were solid gold smash hits. And even if I was, nobody can argue with how awesome it was to chug Sixpoint's The Crisp as a tiebreaker after each round (nobody but Danielle I suppose - sorry about the lack of Genesee).

We had a great crowd last night, with some impressive teams putting up some impressive scores. A broad array of knowledge was demonstrated, ranging from GOP presidential hopefuls to gun-toting cowboys to bonobo monkeys.* But, the highlight of the night for me was seeing all the children's faces light up when their wish for a Golden Girls round was finally granted. Our only regret at the IRCPQ is that there are but four Golden Girls to ask questions about.

The final round of the night was, as always, the common bond round. And, almost all the teams figured out the connection was "Months of the Year", and six teams got perfect scores. Some miscues while deciding Pint-on-Us winners notwithstanding, it was a pretty solid night. Congratulations to The Semiannual University of Inwood Tailored Underpants Party** for winning the first quiz of 2012.

We at the IRCPQ now have another regret. I should have used Game Show Host as my occupation during jury voir dire so I might have been as cool as the zoologist who called himself a Wild Animal Keeper. Oh well, there's always next time. Until then, we'll see you next week at the world renowned Indian Road Cafe Pub Quiz.

* - Maybe the array isn't as broad as I thought.

** - Quizmaster's note: Tailored underpants are much better than secondhand underpants.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Semiannual University of Inwood Tailored Underpants Party 55.5
2 Treats and Snoozin 55
3 Random Chaos 51
Poughkeepsie Mudhens 50.5
Episco-bums 49.5
Seaman Cumming to the End of the World 48.5
2012: The Year of the Bunny Slippocalypse 47.5
Woman and Husband 45.5
Ignorant Virtuosos 43.5
The Turtle Orgasms 42.5
The Baxter Stockmans 41.5
Dodeca Trivialis 40.5
The Manifesto 31
I Can't Read This 30
Gobby Gobby Blu Blu 24
Evil Mr. Phil

Two hints for two different questions.

Do they count red balloons in Iowa?

Can I inspire any of you to kill Henry Clay Frick?

OJ the Imposter

Since this was the last pubquiz of 2011, It seems appropriate, but overwhelming, to recap the year. Therefore, I'll simply recap last night and hope it stands in as a proxy for what all of 2011 was like.

Last night started off with great tension as four or five teams were all within three and a half points of each other for the month. Unfortunately, Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide was MIA and Panko Crusted Crispy Chicken Schnitzel Fingers was folded into Deck the Halls with Seaman and Cumming. This had two nefarious effects. One, it brought some ringers into an already strong team. Two, it prevented Dr. Jordan and I from trying to pronounce that Panko Crusted bullshit after a few beers.

Bringing in the ringers seemed not to matter for the night. A new team, The Resolutions, who started the night with a paltry six points in the first round, rallied to take the top honors for the night.

So, what was included in the night? Oh, you're still reading this? Great. Last night started with a pint on us about the first Time Man of the Year. The first round was a look back at the year 2011 and some of the major events that made the news...things like, Bin Laden's capture and the Arab Spring.

The second round was about Murder, She Wrote. It involved questions about the show, about the song, and about female mystery writers. For those who followed yesterday's hint, you know Carolyn Keene was the author of the Nancy Drew series.

Round three was a visual round, where teams had to identify the location of particular landmarks.

That was the first half, which had Deck the Halls with Seaman and Cumming clinging to a narrow lead.

The second half started with a Pint on Us about Ellis Island, won by a player on The Resolutions, a harbinger of things to come.

Round four was words that contained a-l-e in it. Did you know that Raleigh, NC and Salem, OR are the only state capitals with those letters consecutively?

Round five was a movie quotes round. Hat tip to Woman and Husband who knew that "Go ahead. Make my day," was from a movie called Sudden Impact.

The common bond worked as it always did, but this time the tenth answer was Back to the Future, which most teams figured out.

Congratulations again to The Resolutions on their first victory. Thank you all for another wonderful Wednesday night and a great 2011.

Have a happy new year!

OJ the Imposter
1 The Resolutions 51
2 Deck the Halls With Seaman and Cumming 49
The Manifesto 49
3 Penny Dreadfuls 48
Random Chaos 47
Five Bunny Slippers 46.5
O Come All Ye Faithful to the University of Inwood 46
Poughkeepsie Mudhens 46
Woman and Husband 42
How the Grinch Stole Trivialis 41
Talk Louder 36
Battle Toads 34.17
Ignorant Virtuosos 33.7
The Justice League 33
Peps: the Anxious Cat 30.17
OJ the Imposter

Who knew the Stratemeyer Syndicate cornered the market on mysteries for young girls?

OJ the Imposter