Pub Quiz

As often happens to people who do their math with reverse polish notation calculators, there was a pretty severe scoring mistake tonight. We neglected to deduct points from S&C's score for the rounds that they played with more than 6 players on their team. An adjustment has been made to the final scores so that the website now reflects the proper deduction.

I must apologize to "I'd Rather Have No Name Than His Idea" for the error, since this cost them the victory tonight. I'll do what I can to make reparations for this next week. In the meantime, sorry about the mixup and thanks again to everyone who came out to the quiz and made tonight so much fun.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 I'd Rather Have No Name Than His Idea 47
2 Seaman & Cumming's Excellent Adventure 45*
Random Chaos 45
3 A Congress of Louts 44
Showtime Synergy 43
Kentucky Fried Panda 41
To Bid a Bunny Ballot to a Slippy, Slanty Slope 41
University of Inwood Internal Internship Inventory 41
Joe's Reddies 39
Summer-Time-For-Trivialis 34
K.E.S. 29
Big B/G 25
Pause for LL Cool J 22
Evil Mr. Phil

Did you know that They Might Be Giants once recorded an anti-jaywalking song?

But, they didn't write it.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Majestuous 52.5
2 Seaman and Cumming Go to White Castle 48
3 Poughkeepsie Mudhens 45.5
University of Inwood 24 Hour Existential Crisis Hotline 45.5
Random Chaos 44.5
How Old is Bunny Webber? 43.5
Jessica "Hooters" McGee and the Fun Bunch in Outer Space with the Harlem Globetrotters 43.5
Billy Ray and Louis 42.5
Super Happy Fun Ball 42.5
The Manifesto 37.5
Helios Trivialis 37
The Revenge of Winky Manuel 37
Tom and Jen 37
Save the Geese 30.5
The Rainbow Brites 27
Evil Mr. Phil

Plug it up.

OJ the Imposter
1 How Old is Bunny Webber? 55
2 Random Chaos 52.5
3 Billy Ray and Louis 51
Poughkeepsie Mudhens 51
Seaman and Cumming Go to White Castle 50
University of Inwood 24 Hour Existential Crisis Hotline 48
Jessica "Hooters" McGee and the Fun Bunch in Outer Space with the Harlem Globetrotters 47
Helios Trivialis 41
This Is Our Team Name 41
Free T-Shirts Please 40
Majestuous 39.5
Big B/G 35
TJ's 20
Evil Mr. Phil

... Into His Madness

He's done it again. The quizmaster formerly known as OJ the Imposter* has posted another hint into the workings of his devious mind. The three simple words he left us today, The 27th Amendment, could unlock a world of understanding about what makes a quizmaster tick**, how bills become laws, and what makes life worth living.

When questioned about the hint he began his answer with, "How should I know..." But, before he could continue he was interrupted by a crowd of groupies seeking autographs***. The interview was abruptly ended.

There has been a great deal of speculation about what this hint could mean, but experts all agree that it has something to do with tonight's pub quiz at the local cafe. One expert who asked to be left anonymous said that this hint could be a valuable clue to one of the many questions featured in said pub quiz. It seems that this hint has brought no answers, but instead more questions. When will all of these questions be answered? "Tonight," said the expert.

Come get all the answers tonight at the Indian Road Cafe Pub Quiz!

Oh, and there will be beer.

* - OJ the Imposter is still known by this name, but he was also formerly known by this name.

** - Quizmasters do in fact tick.

*** - Quizmasters don't have groupies, OJ was confused by a group of his students asking him to sign their permission slips - or whatever it is that teachers sign for students.

Evil Mr. Phil

The 27th Amendment.

OJ the Imposter
1 Majestuous 54
2 Seaman and Cumming Go to White Castle 47.5
3 How Old is Bunny Webber? 45.5
Poughkeepsie Mudhens 45
Snufalufagus 40.5
Weiner's Hacker 37
Billy Ray and Louis 35.5
Random Chaos 34.5
I Don't Think It's the Mayoral Candidate 29
Behind Blue Eyes 25
Jack Rabbits 20
The Adam Webb Experience 16.5
Evil Mr. Phil

Random Chaos?

OJ the Imposter