Pub Quiz
1 Majestuous 54
2 Seaman and Cumming Go to White Castle 47.5
3 How Old is Bunny Webber? 45.5
Poughkeepsie Mudhens 45
Snufalufagus 40.5
Weiner's Hacker 37
Billy Ray and Louis 35.5
Random Chaos 34.5
I Don't Think It's the Mayoral Candidate 29
Behind Blue Eyes 25
Jack Rabbits 20
The Adam Webb Experience 16.5
Evil Mr. Phil

Random Chaos?

OJ the Imposter

This week we'll be focusing on the sinister side of Christopher Latham Sholes' landmark invention. To mark the occasion, OJ the Imposter has been working on a new dance called the Sholes Shuffle. You won't want to miss it.

Oh, and did I mention there'll be beer?

See you tomorrow!

Evil Mr. Phil

Does this describe your trivia team?

Hat tip to Danielle from Seaman and Cumming.

OJ the Imposter
1 Random Chaos 55
2 Poughkeepsie Mudhens 51
3 Seaman and Cumming Go to White Castle 45
Majestuous 44
The Revenge of Winky Manuel 41
How Old is Bunny Webber? 38
University of Inwood 24 Hour Existential Crisis Hotline 35
Free Ja Rule 33
Ceviche 30
Big B/G 27
Knat 25
2nd Date 22
OJ the Imposter

John Cusack movies.

OJ the Imposter
1 Majestuous 55
2 Random Chaos 54
3 University of Inwood 24 Hour Existential Crisis Hotline 48
Seven Sieners (One's a Fetus) 47
How Old is Bunny Webber? 46
Poughkeepsie Mudhens 46
Snufalufagus 45
Wheelies 45
Team Truck Farm 42
Helios Trivialis 41
A Little Late 40
Miles Dyson 40
Seaman and Cumming Go to White Castle 32
Anguilla-Killaz 31
Big B/G 26
Chuckles the Clown 16
Evil Mr. Phil

First off, you don't want to miss tonight's quiz, because the Evil Mr. Phil may have some diabolical magic up his sleeve.

Secondly, here's the launch of our weekly hint. The hint for tonight is simply...Why?

OJ the Imposter

If last night's round on sandwiches left you... ahem... hungry for more, have a look at this tribute to the Greatest Movie Sandwiches.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Kentucky Fried Panda 53.5
2 Mayday, Mayday, Seaman Cumming to Dance Around Your Pole 53
3 A Bump On a Bump On a Log 49.5
Random Chaos 49
University of Inwood Museum of Comparative Cryptozoology 49
Indigenous People's Road 44
Literally Figuratively 44
Super Cuddly Altruistic Extreme Rabbit Toe Shoes 44
Rueland 37
The Neverlanders 29
Behind Blue Eyes 22
Blankety Blanks 19.5
Evil Mr. Phil