Pub Quiz

From Italy to Uruguay to Peru to San Francisco, the candy man can...even if the Swiss now own him.

OJ the Imposter

Congratulations from all of us at the IRCPQ to IMSA, the All Shows tickets winners for the month of September!

Everybody, thanks for keeping the pub quiz crowded all month, it's always more fun when the room is full. By the way, we gave out 2310 points this month! I think that's a record. Has anyone else been keeping track?

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Clusterfuckalicious 51
2 IMSA 49
3 I Drink Your Milkshake 47
The Peanut Gallery 47
Random Chaos 44
Seaman Cumming to University of Inwood 44
The Manifesto 37
Viva Ron Mexico 36
Viva La Trivialis 35
Colonel Ingus 30
Ignorant Virtuosos 28
Trader Ho's 28
Blue 19
Evil Mr. Phil

I'm thinking of two hints for tonight for two different questions. 1) Death by ham sandwich is embarrassing for a Jew. 2) Nah, that question is too easy...never mind.

OJ the Imposter
1 IMSA 56.5
2 Seaman Cumming to University of Inwood 52
3 The Peanut Gallery 51.5
Clusterfuckalicious 50
Random Chaos 46
Fuzzy-Ass Bunny Slippers 42
U of I Freshman Welcome Wagon 42
Revenge of Winky Manuel 41.5
I Drink Your Milkshake 38.5
Magic Johnson Lives 35
The Manifesto 34
The South Bronx Interpretive Dance Team 29
Colonel Ingus 23
Wheaties 23
Viva La Trivialis 20
Rancid Rabid Rabbit 17
Evil Mr. Phil

I've never been much for hints, so I will offer some practical advice for this week's quiz. The Bronx Brewery will be sending a team of its most accomplished trivia boffins to the quiz tonight to compete for some fabulous prizes provided by... um... The Bronx Brewery. So, you'd better show up with full brains if you don't want them to go Ben Stein on you and keep all their prizes.

Another bit of practical advice is that you may want to show up early if you want to get a table. The quiz has been listed as part of NY Craft Beer Week 2011 so I expect throngs* of people to be there tonight.

I'm going to get back to researching questions to stump IMSA**.

See you all tonight!

* - A throng is roughly equivalent to two slews or a little less than a horde.

** - I'm sitting around playing sports video games.

Evil Mr. Phil

I would prefer not to.

Mr. Phil?

OJ the Imposter

I'm not sure if we'll ever know the real answer to this, but are Allison Janney, J. K. Simmons, and Jim Parsons all related?

Evil Mr. Phil
1 IMSA 51
2 The Peanut Gallery 50
3 U of I Freshman Welcome Wagon 48
Clusterfuckalicious 45
Marvelous Mitt Romney and the Private Sectors 44
Random Chaos 44
Viva La Trivialis 42
Viva Ron Mexico 41
Fuzzy-Ass Bunny Slippers 37
Lucky, Simple, Clear and Easy 37
Seaman Cumming to University of Inwood 36
Ignorant Virtuosos 32
The Rabid Dandelions 32
The Manifesto 31
Pinky and the Brain 21
Bison Drops 18
Evil Mr. Phil

The Nylon Capital of the World or bust.

OJ the Imposter