Pub Quiz
1 IMSA 53
2 The Peanut Gallery 49
3 The Rabid Dandelions 47
U of I Freshman Welcome Wagon 47
Clusterfuckalicious 45
Random Chaos 45
Fuzzy-Ass Bunny Slippers 44
Seaman Cumming to University of Inwood 41
Table Thieves 38
Where's Jane? 38
Revenge of Winky Manuel 35
Viva La Trivialis 35
The Pork Pullers 32
Hot Buns 31
Evil Mr. Phil

Just add pyrithione zinc. Voila.

OJ the Imposter

I wanted to post this link with the note, "three people that have never been to the Indian Road Cafe Pub Quiz". But I think that's out since Inwood George Lucas was sighted at a couple of our quizzes last month. Either way it's a pretty cool picture that I thought you all might enjoy.

George Lucas, David Bowie, and Jim Henson @ Awesome People Hanging Out Together

This should in no way be seen as a hint for upcoming questions. I don't plan on doing any questions about these guys. I'm also not planning a round on doppelgangers. I'm not even sure that would work since doppelganging (?) is a pretty subjective thing.

Anyway. Make sure you show up to the IRCPQ this week to hang out with awesome people.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Random Chaos 56
2 The Craven Mavens 54
3 Bunny-nut Cheerios 53
Augustus Trivialis 52
U. of I. Dept. of Abbr. 50
Hemorrhoid Toroid 49
The Revenge of Winky Marvel 47
The Manifesto 46
The Rubber Room Rejects 46
Hey It's Just Me, Ron Mexico 45
Random Seaman Chaotically Cumming 43
Ignorant Virtuosos 34
The Urban Achievers 33
Evil Mr. Phil

You won't be getting sleepy, if you've read Trilby.

OJ the Imposter
1 Random Chaos 54.5
2 IMSA 52
3 Augustus Trivialis 48.5
Bunny-nut Cheerios 48.5
Uppity Blanks 46
The Craven Mavens 43.5
U. of I. Dept. of Abbr. 43.5
2 Peace Corps Volunteers and a Cynic 41.5
Ignorant Virtuosos 40.5
Maybe Rose 39.5
The Manifesto 39
M.I.L.K. 38
The Strange Compliments 38
Pork Pullers 37
Random Seaman Chaotically Cumming 35
Japtain Jockblock 26
Evil Mr. Phil

Do you think Stephen King has ever been to Hartsdale?

OJ the Imposter
1 IMSA 53.5
2 The Craven Mavens 52
3 Monkey Knife Fight 51
Random Chaos 50.5
Duck Dogs 48
Something Shorter This Month 45
Random Seaman Chaotically Cumming 44.5
U. of I. Dept. of Abbr. 44.5
Bunny-nut Cheerios 42.5
Augustus Trivialis 38.5
Winky Marvel 30.5
Degenerates 25
Evil Mr. Phil

I know this hint leans ever so slightly into what some might call nerdy, but half a million domain names registered is a lot for a TLD that has only been around for 3 years.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Augustus Trivialis 54
2 Random Seaman Chaotically Cumming 52
3 Something Shorter This Month 51
The Craven Mavens 48
U. of I. Dept. of Abbr. 48
Burt Reynolds on the Brain 47
Random Chaos 46
The Manifesto 46
Bunny-nut Cheerios 45.5
Hey It's Just Me, Ron Mexico 41
IRT Deadliest Roads 36.5
The BX 36
Upper Club 34
Chocolate Rain 29
Evil Mr. Phil