Pub Quiz

What did Botulf Botulfsson ever do to you?

Mary O'Shag
1 Downtown Bar Test 48
2 It's the Great Pumpkin, University of Inwood! 47
3 The Red Boos 46
Plan L 41
Sweet + Savory ♥️ 41
Potent Potables 40
JK 32
Married Wives of Washington Heights 32
Spooky Season Lesbians 31
School of Mediocrity: Everyone Gets a C 29
Woman, Just Woman 29
The Uptown Qs 27
The Scorpios 26
$uavementes 13
Evil Mr. Phil
1 Downtown Bar Test 43.5
2 Plan L 42
3 It's the Great Pumpkin, University of Inwood! 41
The Moratorium 38.5
BOWA 36.5
The Red Boos 35.5
Potent Potables 34.5
School of Mediocrity: Everyone Gets a C 28.5
Mary O'Shag

Six or seven IPAs at 181 Cabrini will make everything appear to man as it is: Infinite.

The Sadieist

Mirai Clinical has a fruit-based solution to karei-shu.

Mary O'Shag
1 It's the Great Pumpkin, University of Inwood! 48
2 School of Mediocrity: Everyone Gets a C 45
The Red Boos 45
3 Pop of the Tops 42
Downtown Bar Test 40.5
Gerardo & Sons Heat & Air 33.5
Medium Rare 31
Friends of Mary 25.5
Solo Polo 4
Mary O'Shag

For the first time in the history of the quiz, the rules were altered on the spot for chug judging. The rules are now "Don't start early, don't spill any, and be sure to swallow what you chug."

The ever-hilarious Sadiest enlightened us with rounds on fasting and sinning (if anyone saw any good sinning going on last night, please do describe it in the comments). Mary O'Shag embarked on a new series of science rounds and found lots to say about tables and famous teachers.

Remember: if you want to get the Hint of the Week early, and possibly find out about unusual goings-on, sign up here.

Mary O'Shag

It's a new month, and a whole new opportunity to win bragging rights and free beer. The Sadiest and Mary O'Shag will be annoying you this evening, after The Sadiest breaks her fast.

Get ready for this evening's festivities by reading up on the origins of Tuskegee University, starting with July 4, 1881.

Mary O'Shag
1 U of I 50
2 Medicrites the Trivia Philosopher 48
3 Unenlightened Shoes 45
Liverboy and the Ladies 44
Participason Trofey 44
The Merry Wives of Washington Heights 39
The Moratorium 38
Bowa 37
Plan L is Back from the Dead 34
Evil Mr. Phil


Take the A train to 181 and we're right there, at 181 Cabrini.

The Wunderman and The Evil Mr. Phil will preside over tonight's spectacle.

And here's a hint to help you on your mental journey tonight:

Sure the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice is the namesake for a lot of schools, but are any of them in Middlesex County, Massachusetts?

Evil Mr. Phil