Pub Quiz
1 Pumps and Shoe Cumstance 59
2 The U of I Mediocre Campus 56
3 Aurora Trivialis 54
The Moratorium 47
Mariel is Late 41
Grandville Bulldogs 39
Evil Mr. Phil

It's Wednesday! And whether the weather is warmer or wetter, if you wonder whither Jon Wunder will wander in to wither your wits with his wacky wiles, he WILL!

Not only will Jon be hosting tonight, he has also generously provided this Hint o' the Week:

Mmm....Phung Huynh art.....

See you tonight at Buddha Beer Bar - the quiz starts at 8 PM!

The Evil Mr. Phil will be hosting as well.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Scared Sheetless 56
2 May the Fourth be with U of I 52
Shrimp Shoe May 52
3 Ranger Danger 45
Bad Penny 44
Down from Pinehurst 40
FartBerry 31
ASJ 10
Mary O'Shag

New York City is filled with many sounds, but who will point out the rattle and hum?

Mary O'Shag
1 Shrimp Shoe May 55
2 May the Fourth be with U of I 54.5
3 Ranger Danger 53
Long Live the Lesbians 39.5
Who 33
Sweet Bitches 28
Doble C 22
R & B 9
Evil Mr. Phil

She'll always be a beautiful screaming lady to me.

The Sadieist
1 Shrimp Shoe May 59
2 May the Fourth be with U of I 56
3 Barely Listening 55
Scared Sheetless 54
The Kay Fabes 51
Very Stable Geniuses 43.5
Please Don't Make Me Chug a Beer 43
The Margaritas 36
EA Sports 23
Googa Hooha's 15
How Long Are We Staying? 11
Team Dream 5
Professor Lone Star

It's Wednesday! Here's a hint to get you started tonight:

Have you ever heard the strange case of the movie that doesn't exist?

See you at 8PM at Buddha Beer Bar!

Professor Lone Star
1 Pork Roll Does Not Approve 54
2 May the Fourth be with U of I 53
3 Shrimp Shoe May 50.5
Scared Sheetless 46
FartBerry 34
The Meatpackers 33.5
Holguin Boys 25
Buddha's Baddest 14
Cowboys and Indians 11
Mary O'Shag

Well, May 4 was quite a party!

Every table was occupied, as were most of the bar seats. A birthday party that had started earlier in the evening continued into Quiz, breaking up into three teams that were trash-talking and dancing while chugging.

George of Abnormally Mediocre joined Scared Sheetless since his regular compatriots were either hosting (Mary O'Shag and The Sadiest) or engaging in acts of leisure and/or childraising. FartBerry seemed to appreciate the "Cow Fart Tax" question in particular. Shrimp Shoe May sat further up front than usual, but continued to behave with the decorum we have come to appreciate. The Moratorium were at the bar, getting to know Andy face to face.

At the end of the night, Pork Roll Does Not Approve seized the win by a single point over May the Fourth be with the University of Inwood (F*** those Guys).

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Mary O'Shag