Pub Quiz
1 Chaka Pork Roll! 54
2 Burger of the Month: 5th Day of Christmas Burger (comes with 5 golden onion rings) 53
John Wilkes Sleuths 53
University of Inwood Rhinovirus Cultivation Club 53
3 5 Golden Shoes! 49
Seaman Cumming to Steal Your Packages 49
High Crimes and Mediocrities 47
Womans and Husbands 47
Plan I Fixed Me Beer 44
Jim Jordan's Scary Bedtime Stories 33
Team Bevilaqua 17
Winwood 11
The Faye Runaways 10
Mary O'Shag

Apple green and lime green? Tomato red? Raspberry? Who knew getting around town could be so refreshing?

The Sadieist
1 Rockabye Pork Roll 56
2 All Shoes' Day 55
3 U of I Camp Chippewa Satellite Campus 51
Burger of the Month: Bitch, Peas Burger 49
Plan I No Nut November 48
Roasted Squam! 45
Seaman Sees Impeachment Cumming 45
Questionable Stain 40
Womans & Husbands 34
Out of Pinehurst 30
Inwood Originals 24
Evil Mr. Phil

T'was the day before Thanksgiving, and all through Inwood

Every quizzer was off trav'ling, forsaking their hood.

But the quiz was still hap'ning, we have prizes to win!

So just bail on your family - They're only your kin.


That's right folks! It's the last Wednesday of the month, and we've got quiz! Come answer questions and make sure you're hungover for tomorrow's feast!

I don't have a hint, per se, but I do have a piece of advice: If you decide to watch them inflate the balloons today, make sure you get there early - it's a mad house down there, and you don't want to be late to quiz! Your best bet is just to look at photos of them online.

Professor Lone Star
1 U of I Camp Chippewa Satellite Campus 59
2 All Shoes' Day 57
3 Burger of the Month: Bitch, Peas Burger 55
Plan I No Nut November 55
Womans & Husbands 51
Quizzard Fillmore 47
The Unimpeachable Mediocrities 47
11/20 (Not 4/20 but We're Cool with That) 37
Chinese Sidewalk Drill 33
Jim Jordan's Scary Bedtime Stories 33
Oh...Oh No. I'm Pretty Sure I Can't Say the Name of This Team [aka the Evil Mr. Phil making a nuisance of himself] 8
The Sadieist

Zeresh's husband was a jerk, but damn, his pockets are delicious.

The Sadieist
1 All Shoes' Day 56
Rockabye Pork Roll 56*
2 The Unimpeachable Mediocrities 54
3 Burger of the Month: Bitch, Peas Burger 53
Seaman Sees Impeachment Cumming 53
U of I Camp Chippewa Satellite Campus 53
Quizzard Fillmore 49
Plan I No Nut November 45
Womans & Husbands 45
One Neutral Milk To Go, Please 40
Indy Road 500 27
Poke Your Mom 10
Evil Mr. Phil

I'm thinking about redoing this website using punch cards. I'll probably go with the 1928 IBM punch card format since it has so many columns.

Evil Mr. Phil

Did you know Pike's Peak wasn't just a really tall mountain, but also a poem?

Naomi of the North
1 Pintxho Pork Roll 56.5
2 University of Inwood Academic Decathlon Death-match 52.5
3 Burger of the Month: Silence of the Hamburger 52
Octavius Mediocritus Caesar 52
Seaman Cumming on Taylor Ham 47.5
The Manifesto 46
The Red Ghouls 43
Punkin and Peas 41
Random Chaos 41
Plan I 37.5
Womans and Husbands 36
Evil Mr. Phil