Pub Quiz

Pub quiz, in its own terrifying way, is a love story.

The Sadieist
1 Back to Shoes 57
2 March Mediocrities 54.666
3 The University of Inwood's name didn't get written down 50.666
The Moratorium 44.333
Haribo Gummies: Team Starmix 43.333
Kevin Spacey as J. Paul Getty Sr. 41.333
Hardest Question 33.333
181 30.333
Intellectual Deviant 30.333
Ye Olde Soldiers 30
Professor Lone Star

Happy Wednesday!

It's a new month, the sun is shining, the masks are coming off... we don't have a care in the world!

Except for war... and inflation... and white supremacists...


Today I learned that when Marilyn Monroe died, she left all her clothes and personal effects to her friend and mentor, who also happened to be the father of a close confidant.

I'll see you all at 8 PM at the Buddha Beer Bar, or streaming on our Facebook Page.

Professor Lone Star

It's Wednesday, and we're hoping to extend our streak of in-person quizzes to 2 this evening. If you're in the area please join us at Buddha Beer Bar tonight. The quiz starts at 8 PM, but you should show up early to get a good table.

Here's a hint if you can make sense of it:

Tom Hanks directed something called The Monkey's Curse. What is that all about?

The Sadiest and the Evil "Evil" Mr. Phil will be hosting.

Oh! And it's also the end of the 90 day supermonth of Dejanbruary! As such we'll be crowning our top team for the supermonth.

Evil Mr. Phil

Holy mackerel we're back live at Buddha Beer Bar! It's almost like there was no pandemic. Ha ha ha. So funny.

If you haven't left your house since December, now would be a good time. Jon "The Wunderman" Wunder, and his super spouse Naomi of the North will be hosting an epic night of trivia. So, put on some actual pants along a clean shirt, get yourself to Buddha, order a delicious taco and socialize with other people sans a screen and keyboard. You can do it, we have faith.

Hint of the Week:

Don’t confuse Choo-Choo Charlie with Choo Choo Charles.

Naomi of the North
The Sadieist

Happy Wednesday! The Uptown Pub Quiz is continuing to go virtual for another couple weeks, so get those internet connections ready for a raucous good time tonight.

As always the quiz is free to play, and there's no obligation to buy. You can cancel at any time. Gather your friends and family, gather some pens and paper, and show up at 8 PM.

Here's a hint of the week in the form of a song:

Hello out there, we're on the air, it's 'Pub Quiz Night' tonight.
Tension grows, the questions flow, and the rounds are all so nice.
The intro stuff, and the pint on us, and the quiz is underway.
Someone roars, "Seven and a half!", at the good ol' Pub Quiz Game.

Actually, let's let this guy do it:

Now go get some paper and a pen, get your friends together on Zoom, Meet, GoToMeeting, tin-can-and-string, or whatever, then join us tonight on the Uptown Plague Quiz Facebook Page at 8 PM Eastern.

Hosts: Mary O'Shag and The Evil Mr. Phil

Evil Mr. Phil

This week's hint comes courtesy of tonight's guest host, who asks, "Do you think Arthur Philip worried about whether the surfers at Bondi Beach would like his flag?"

The Sadieist

Being the next in the continuing saga that is the Uptown Plague Quiz: Omicron, herein is presented the Hint of the Week.

Thanks for the ride Samuel Beckett!

This hint is presented to you by The Wunderman, who is hosting this evening's tomfoolery along with Mary O'Shag.

Because this is coming to you from the comfort of the hosts' living quarters, you can share this experience with friends far and near. They can use the Facebook link to watch and comment, or not having a Facebook, er, Meta identity, they can watch via YouTube or Twitch. Mary O'Shag has set up these links, and has no real idea what will happen. Tune in to participate in yet another Mary O'Shag "I was thinking..." special.

Mary O'Shag

Happy Wednesday! I hope you're ready for the second plague quiz of our newest plague season, because it's tonight!

It'll be hard to top the fun of last week, but we're going to try our best. We won't be able to offer you drinks or prizes, but we will provide questions. How many questions? So many questions.

And fun. How much fun? Some amount of fun.

And a hint. We'll offer one hint:

You know who the head of the CDC is, right?

Now go get some paper and a pen, get your friends together on Zoom, Meet, GoToMeeting, tin-can-and-string, or whatever, then join us tonight on the Uptown Plague Quiz Facebook Page at 8 PM Eastern.

Hosts: The Sadieist and The Evil Mr. Phil

Evil Mr. Phil