Pub Quiz

Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, is at the forefront of fruit surgery.

The Sadieist
1 April Is the Shoest Month 54.5
2 U of I Needs a Nap 54
3 Modicum of Mediocrity 53
The Keyfabes 53
The Moratorium 49.5
Pinehurst Pals 47.5
The Szechuans 36.5
Mary O'Shag

In highest (or deepest) academe, "it is permitted to see" many obscure facts. Those groves, ya know...

Mary O'Shag
1 U of I Needs a Nap 57
2 Do Rhinos Run From Thunder 49
3 The Moratorium 48.5
April Is the Shoest Month 46
Modicum of Mediocrity 45
The Hardest Question 36
Woman & Husband 24
Evil Mr. Phil

"Invented murder" has got to be kind of a stain on your résumé, but everyone has to work.

The Sadieist

Once again, the intrepid denizens of UPQ closed out another month of quizzing and drinking. The Back to Shoes team took home the Geordi trophy on the same night they returned this valuable trophy.

This month we welcomed about a dozen drop-in teams, and we are looking forward to further expanding the regular crowd as life continues to return to some version of the old "normal."

So keep bringing your friends, lovers, friendly exes, recently reanimated decedents--everyone who loves beer and pub quiz.

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See you all next week, when The Sadiest and the Evil Mr. Phil will be the ringleaders of the night.

Mary O'Shag
1 Back to Shoes 54
2 The University of Inwood's name didn't get written down 53.5
3 It's Called Pork Roll 50
The Moratorium 49.5
Bar Kamtza 38.5
Out of Pinehurst 37
We're Leaving if We're in Last Place 37
Mary O'Shag
1 The University of Inwood's name didn't get written down 55
2 Back to Shoes 54
3 March Mediocrities 46.5
Hardest Question 40.5
FartBerry 36
Newbies 28.5
The 614 3
Mary O'Shag

Don't call these folks for help. You'd probably have to buy them beer.

Mary O'Shag

"Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?" Oddly, she wasn't talking about Uptown Pub Quiz.

The Sadieist