Pub Quiz

One year ago today, stalwart pillar Pura Vida of Seaman & Cumming missed Quiz because she was producing Baby Girl Quiz Baby. The crowd last night welcomed back Mom and cheered for Birthday Baby (who was presumably home enjoying her first anniversary on the planet).

Two nice guys from the neighborhood wandered in and were caught unawares by the presence of Quiz and the Gang. They jumped in as Electric and did well. Uptown Queers filled a table as Tears for Queers, but no tears were needed for their fine performance. Nicole played as Miss Thang until her date showed up, and we hope they both come back (as a couple, maybe?) next week.

We do hope Womens and Husbands hasn't given up Quiz for Lent, and Plan J was apparently getting stuff done some other place. Boo for adult commitments.

Buddha Beer Bar owner James Lee has gotten Lagunitas to sponsor the night, and so we had high quality T shirt swag for chug-off winners. Thanks, James and Lagunitas!

And, of course, the reason you clicked on this recap anyway: The Mediocre Mendicants won for the night; they were down a few regulars but picked up a new one (please come back, Melissa). The Jordy for February, our first full month at Buddha, was taken home by University of Inwood Student Senate Convicts Their President.

See you all next week--8 pm at Buddha Beer Bar. Keep watching this page for all manner of stuff and nonsense.

(And oh, yeah--Mary O'Shag announced she is getting married.)

Mary O'Shag
1 The Mediocre Mendicants 55
2 University of Inwood Student Senate Convicts Their President 52
3 Say It With Pork Roll! 51
Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries For You Burger 50
Shoe-pids Arrow 50
Team Name 49
100 Percent That Seaman Cumming 47
Tears for Queers 42
Let me Google that for You 34
Electric 28
TBAeeeee 28
Mary O'Shag

Fluorescent colors. Ugh. In the name of all that is holy, it's a trend that needs to die.

Naomi of the North

New teams! Birthday chuggers! A baby! The baby belonged to Multiplying Like Rabbits, who did an impressive job wrangling it and answering trivia questions at the same time. New team Fail will probably never come back, judging by the way it reacted to the Sadieist's round on semordnilaps or reverse pairs -- strings of letters that spell one word one way and another word the other way, like gateman/nametag. It's probably just as well Fail didn't stick around long enough for the Evil Mr. Phil's mashup round on Presidents' Day carols -- you know, old favorites like "James Monroe, Row, Row Your Boat" and "In Your Eyes-enhower." They might have started throwing stuff. For some reason we've been having tiebreakers a lot since we moved to Buddha Beer Bar; this week Shoe-pid's Arrow shut out University of Inwood by sort of knowing some stuff about the moon (#moonjews). In the end we could all agree that 17.5 pounds is too heavy for a head-mounted robot that feeds you tomatoes as you jog.

The Sadieist
1 Shoe-pids Arrow 60*
University of Inwood Student Senate Convicts Their President 60
2 Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries For You Burger 56
3 The Mediocre Mendicants 54
Say It With Pork Roll! 51
100 Percent That Seaman Cumming 48
Womans and Husbands 48
Plan J Will Get It Done! 47
Random Haus 39
If You Read Our Team Name Out Loud, Our Table Gets Free Beer 36
Evil Mr. Phil

In honor of President's Day, let's take a minute to remember New York City's Chester A Arthur Public School and Zeus Carver's nephews, Raymond and Dexter, who attended school there.

See you at the quiz tonight!

Evil Mr. Phil

Efforts to create the longest team name in the history of the quiz continued apace last week, with contributions from If You Read Our Team Name Out Loud, the Hosts Take Tequila Shots and University of Inwood Student Senate Convicts Their Presidents! (exclamation point included). Newbies included Skipper Was Hungry, whose name sounded ominous until we learned Skipper is his cat, and the White Wayans Bros., whose name began to seem misleading when a woman of color represented them in the chug-off. Burger of the Month triumphed over Pork Roll in a tiebreaker, proving which is this week's superior meat, and we all went home a little better for the knowledge we'd gained about ten guys named Oscar (or Oskar) and who is de facto bishop of the moon. The Sadieist wants to know why there's no moon rabbi, after all it's the Jews who use a lunar calendar. #moonjews

The Sadieist
1 Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries For You Burger 54*
Say It With Pork Roll! 54
2 The Mediocre Mendicants 53
3 University of Inwood Student Senate Convicts Their President 52.5
Shoe-pids Arrow 50.5
If You Read Our Team Name Out Loud, Our Table Gets Free Beer 50
100 Percent That Seaman Cumming 48
Womans and Husbands 44
Skipper Was Hungry 42
The White Wayans Bros. 40.5
A Train Elevator Repair Crew 37.5
Three Times the Charm 32.5
The McGooftroop 26
Team Rocket 9
The Sadieist

Alas, you will not find Emmitt Nervend at tonight's quiz. Please come anyway.

The Sadieist

Rats! Salacious clothing! A shocking discovery!

Yes, it was another typical night with the denizens of the Uptown Pub Quiz.

U of I acquired a teammate who had innocently wandered in for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and apparently contracted quizavirus. Naomi of the North was shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that Mary O'Shag is engaged to a person of the female persuasion. Visiting team Big Town was encouraged to not carry cod in their sporrans. Drinking through Construction, I Can Sit!, and Don't Mess with Cats were newcomers who boldly chugged repeatedly, and were still standing (sitting!) at the end of the evening. Evil Mr. Phil was transfixed by the nonstop wrestling--male and female--being streamed over B3's screens during Quiz. (Speaking of letters, some teams received enlightenment regarding very large bra cup sizes.)

None of this is to take away from BoTM: I Only Have Fries for You's win with 58 points, and their queen chugger's chugging chops.

See you all next week.

Mary O'Shag