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What would you call a one-inch grub transformed by radiation?

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Professor Lone Star

Man - what couple weeks, am I right?

Just when we were debating whether or not to cancel Pub Quiz, ultimately deciding to not do it for the safety of our enthusiastic players, the city shut down. Damn.

But here we are, in our separate homes, hopefully staying nice and safe.

Let's look at the bright side:

Ummmmmm... alternate side parking is suspended? The moon isn't crashing into Earth? I dunno, guys.

Oh! Hey! We had Pub Quiz last week! Remotely! It was like HQ, but without any real prizes! (so just HQ, I guess)

It was a growing experience, but I think we all learned a little something. Mainly, how to use the mute button on a conference call. And hopefully not to go to the bathroom on a video chat.

Anyway, I think Red Shoes won, but they were keeping score, so who knows? Their prize was a decapitated head I ripped off of the old Quizmaster's Cup. I'm sure they're very excited.

We'll try it again tomorrow and see how it works out! See you then!

Professor Lone Star

Greetings quiz family!

We will be live streaming quiz on Facebook Live tonight at 8PM!

Head on over to our Facebook Page and while you're there, why not order some food for delivery from Buddha Taco Bar!

You can find Buddha Taco Bar on Grubhub or by calling (646) 478-8086!

See you at 8PM!

Professor Lone Star

Here's a hint for tonight: make sure you're on the UPQ Facebook Page at 8PM EST!

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Professor Lone Star

To Our Uptown Pub Quiz Regulars,

We've always appreciated the sense of closeness at our quiz, the interpersonal connections, the reliability of staying in contact with each other each week, and the fact that you all seem to value witty repartee above perfect hygiene.

For all these reasons, we've got to put our in-person quiz on hold during Coronavirupalooza. We at the UPQ feel it would be irresponsible to pack everyone into BBB right now. We're not sure how long this will go on for, so please stand by for further instructions.

In good news, our technology department is trying to figure out alternative mechanisms for delivering weekly Wednesday trivia to you (we know you have nothing else to do that night). If we can figure out how to use a computer we'll try to have something set up for this week, but that's very much up in the air right now. Again, please stand by.

- Evil Mr. Phil
  Uptown Pub Quiz's Chief Explanation Offerer

Evil Mr. Phil

This week's quiz was a rollicking good time. The Sadiest showed up in all her finery and had rounds on proms, dozens, and cities, while I had rounds on other things that were probably not proms, dozens, or cities (I really gotta start writing this stuff down).

We heard some fun prom music from the 80s and even sang along to a few of the songs. What could be better? We finished the night with another tie breaker which allowed Burger of the Month In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Burger to squeak by Tears 4 Queers and win for the night. Fun fact, this was our 9th quiz at BBB and our 7th tiebreaker.

In other news, we hope you're all coping with the disruptions from covid-19 and managing to wash your hands thoroughly and keep your fingers out of your nose and such. We're not sure yet how the quiz will be affected by all this, so stand by and follow or our Facebook page for updates.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Burger of the Month In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Burger 57*
Tears 4 Queers 57
2 Mahna-Mahna 53
Seaman Cummings That's the Name! 53
Super Shoesday 53
Transcending Mediocrity 53
3 Party Like It's COVID-1999 50
Womans & Husbands & Niece 48
Team Name 47
We're Just Here To Make Friends 47
University of Inwood Could Totally Have a Social Life Weren't Self Isolating In Our Dorm 46
James Franco as Tommy Wisseau 41
Decomposing Pumpkins 27
Evil Mr. Phil

Looking to reduce your avoirdupois? Try eating 5,760 grains instead of 7,000.

You'll get a bonus point tonight at Buddha Beer Bar if your whole team comes dressed as seventeenth-century plague doctors. It's a pandemic, but we can still have fun!

The Sadieist

Last Wednesday was a long time ago, so it's hard to recall for sure what happened exactly.

What I do remember is that Naomi of the North decided to begin her time off for bionic upgrade (TOBU) a week early, so Jon Wunder was pitching questions in relief. Thanks for doing that Jon, we'll be sure the official scoresheet shows that you earned the save.

As for actual trivia... there must have been some, but I can't for the life of me remember a single question. This is a problem, because now I don't know how to avoid previously used questions. Maybe we'll end up asking the same ones this week. Maybe not. I suggest showing up to find out for yourself.

In more certain news, we've received word that Naomi of the North has successfully become a little less human than before. We can't wait to see what she'll do with her new bionic super power.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Burger of the Month In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Burger 55*
Super Shoesday 55
University of Inwood Could Totally Have a Social Life Weren't Self Isolating In Our Dorm 55
2 Transcending Mediocrity 53
3 Seaman Cummings That's the Name! 52
Womans & Husbands & Niece 51
Definitely Not Spies 47
James Franco as Tommy Wisseau 46
Team Name 45
A Trail Elevator Repair Crew 26
Balkans 15
Evil Mr. Phil