Pub Quiz

This week's hint comes courtesy of tonight's guest host, who asks, "Do you think Arthur Philip worried about whether the surfers at Bondi Beach would like his flag?"

The Sadieist

Being the next in the continuing saga that is the Uptown Plague Quiz: Omicron, herein is presented the Hint of the Week.

Thanks for the ride Samuel Beckett!

This hint is presented to you by The Wunderman, who is hosting this evening's tomfoolery along with Mary O'Shag.

Because this is coming to you from the comfort of the hosts' living quarters, you can share this experience with friends far and near. They can use the Facebook link to watch and comment, or not having a Facebook, er, Meta identity, they can watch via YouTube or Twitch. Mary O'Shag has set up these links, and has no real idea what will happen. Tune in to participate in yet another Mary O'Shag "I was thinking..." special.

Mary O'Shag

Happy Wednesday! I hope you're ready for the second plague quiz of our newest plague season, because it's tonight!

It'll be hard to top the fun of last week, but we're going to try our best. We won't be able to offer you drinks or prizes, but we will provide questions. How many questions? So many questions.

And fun. How much fun? Some amount of fun.

And a hint. We'll offer one hint:

You know who the head of the CDC is, right?

Now go get some paper and a pen, get your friends together on Zoom, Meet, GoToMeeting, tin-can-and-string, or whatever, then join us tonight on the Uptown Plague Quiz Facebook Page at 8 PM Eastern.

Hosts: The Sadieist and The Evil Mr. Phil

Evil Mr. Phil

Howdy folks! Your friendly neighborhood Quizmasters have managed to survive the holiday break mostly intact, and we are very excited to have quiz in person again!

... in February :-(

It's just not safe out there right now folks, so we will be online during January. We start tonight at 8PM on the Uptown Pub Quiz Facebook page:

But in the meantime, here's a hint!

You know that old saying about how Ginger did everything Fred did backwards in heels? Maybe you should look over their repertoire...

You'll see me tonight at 8 along with the fabulous Guest Host Michael!

Professor Lone Star
1 Up On the Rooftop Reindeer Shoes 54
2 University of Inwood Chapter of Nu Xi Omicron 49
3 Native New Yorkers 48
The Moratorium 44
My Secret Santa Gift Was Shit 29
FFG 27.5
A Little Night Mediocrity 26
Pork Roll 25
Extreme Schweddy 16.5
The Sadieist

It's too bad Good Riddance Day is only for an hour, for one sheet of per person. This is another year that had a lot of fodder for an industrial shredder.

Here at UPQ, though, we've had some bright lights in the year. Professor Lone Star got us up and running on Streamyard in 2020 and kept that groove going, until we got back in person (until this week) at Buddha Beer Bar. We celebrated the wedding of Mary O'Shag. We soft opened founder Dr. Jordan's Alternative Medicine Brewing Company. New teams have joined and old teams have gotten new members.

UPQ has been connecting in one form or another since 2008. We've raised money, collected food pantry donations, trash talked each other's teams, chugged beer, entertained kids of various ages--basically, been community together. We've formed rituals and rules (May The Flying Spaghetti Monster help the host who forgets to have a Common Bond!), but the big rule (beside "Don't Shout Out the Answer!") is Be Friendly.

We have friendly folks from just-old-enough-to-drink to collecting-Social-Security; there are parents, non-parents, students, overworked, underemployed; you name the demographic, you will probably find it represented in a team.

We are intent on keeping this community going and growing in 2022.

In the coming year, maybe you'll be looking to meet or reconnect with people who are welcoming, smart, funny, and pro-science (we are pro-vaxx, pro-boost). Or maybe you just want to drink beer around people like this.

Come on over on Wednesday night at 8, starting back up on January 5.

If we aren't there, we'll have a Streamyard link here.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember that people who are good to other people are the best community there is.

Mary O'Shag, for the Quiz

Mary O'Shag

A Synod of Hosts having been convened, it has been decided that due to this confluence of disease and dates, the next Quiz will be held in the Year to Come, on the Fifth day of January in the Year of the Common Era Two Thousand, Twenty Two.

(To wit: Get boosted [we assume you are already vaxxed], play safely for Christmas and New Year's, and we'll see you on 1/5/22. Send in your round suggestions.)

Mary O'Shag

Who is the mayor of Living Island?

The Sadieist
1 Up On the Rooftop Reindeer Shoes 54.5
2 University of Inwood Chapter of Nu Xi Omicron 54
3 A Little Night Mediocrity 53.5
A Dyckman for All Seasons 47
The Moratorium 46
The Queer Cousins 45.5
Womans & Husbands & A Black Guy 41.5
Fozzie Bear as Fozziwig 21.5
Mary O'Shag

Greetings my fellow nerds!

It's Wednesday, and that means it's Pub Quiz Day!

Additionally, it's Professor Lone Star, and that means obtuse questions about cartoons!

Just kidding - I only have ONE planned for tonight... and I'll even give you a hint about it:

For some reason, I have a very clear memory from childhood of a cartoon about Miles Standish.

Do I know who Miles Standish was? No. Do I know where he's from? Sort of. Do I remember what happens in that cartoon? YOU BET I DO! AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT! 8PM - Buddha Beer Bar!

Professor Lone Star