Pub Quiz

Rats! Salacious clothing! A shocking discovery!

Yes, it was another typical night with the denizens of the Uptown Pub Quiz.

U of I acquired a teammate who had innocently wandered in for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and apparently contracted quizavirus. Naomi of the North was shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that Mary O'Shag is engaged to a person of the female persuasion. Visiting team Big Town was encouraged to not carry cod in their sporrans. Drinking through Construction, I Can Sit!, and Don't Mess with Cats were newcomers who boldly chugged repeatedly, and were still standing (sitting!) at the end of the evening. Evil Mr. Phil was transfixed by the nonstop wrestling--male and female--being streamed over B3's screens during Quiz. (Speaking of letters, some teams received enlightenment regarding very large bra cup sizes.)

None of this is to take away from BoTM: I Only Have Fries for You's win with 58 points, and their queen chugger's chugging chops.

See you all next week.

Mary O'Shag
1 Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries For You Burger 58
2 University of Inwood Student Senate Convicts Their President 56
3 Say It With Pork Roll! 55
The Mediocre Mendicants 55
Womans and Husbands 55
100 Percent That Seaman Cumming 53
Shoe-pids Arrow 52
If You Read Our Team Name Out Loud, Our Table Gets Free Beer 49
Dakota Fanning as "Squeaky" Fromme 47
Don't Mess With Cats 44
I Can Sit! 42
A Train Elevator Repair Crew 40
Evil Mr. Phil

There are a lot of things I'd like to offer as Hints of the Week this week, but I've recognized that people are more important than things - people, they're the best kind of folks to know.

If more people were for people, all people, everywhere, there'd be a lot less people to worry about, and a lot more people who care.

See you at the quiz tonight for some upbeat, positive, human engagement!

Evil Mr. Phil

It was another rollicking night at B3, which has made the dubious choice to invite the quiz to stay indefinitely. We're Not Going to Win So We're Just Here to Make Friends was forced to acknowledge that at the rate they were going they might not make that many friends, and 2 Girls Wandered into a Bar and decided to stay for all six rounds. Several other teams made their debuts last night, including the enigmatically named Jersey, and returning team A Train Elevator Repair Service, despite its provocative name, won our hearts by drunkenly offering to do work for us for free. No take-backs! The night ended not with a whimper but with a bang as the Mediocrities triumphed over Burger of the Month in a nail-biting tiebreaker. And we all learned a little something about jockstraps and the Ouija board. (The Sadieist copyedited the novelization of the movie Ouija, but all she remembers is that someone gets attacked by dental floss.)

Oh, and one more thing: new monthly trophy, who dis? The Jordy has not yet been awarded, but it tantalized us all with its first appearance. Who will be February's winner and the first to bear it home in triumph?


Update: Oops, it was BotM that won for the week and month. We have corrected the scores and will ensured all awards end up in the right places.

The Sadieist
1 Burger of the Month New Burger, Who Dis? 58*
Buddha Said Life Is Mediocre 58
2 U of I 8 Fold Path Jogging Club 57
3 Red Shoeda Bar 55
Plan J 54
Seaman Cumming for Working Taps 53
We're Not Going to Win So We're Just Here to Make Friends 50
Womans and Husbands 50
Indian Road Burial Ground 48.5
Pork Roll in the Heights 45.5
Kevin Garnett as Kevin Garnett 44
Anonymous Jellyfish 40
A Train Elevator Repair Crew 36
2 Girls Wandered into a Bar 28
Jersey 20
The Sadieist

No clever wordplay or ambiguity this week, just an actual fact: when the Sadieist was an intern with Tor Books, her boss referred to something as "the Waste of Time series." Another fact: everyone in publishing is a bitter and unpleasant little person, which is why we drink so much.

The Sadieist

Last night our Fearless Tribe was once again welcomed with open arms and flowing beer taps at BBB (Triple B? B-single U 3s? Better Beer Bureau? Your Hosts ponder these things while not writing questions.)

The absence of Plan J was noted and made some of us sad, while some new teams whose self-esteem needs boosting were welcomed.

We hope "We're Not Going to Win So We're Just Here to Make Friends" did in fact have friendly overtures made toward them, and we see that "Hopefully Not Last" had their hope fulfilled. See here for the proof.

Watch this site for our continuing saga, and remember that you can chime in below in the comments by signing up for

Mary O'Shag
1 Buddha Said Life Is Mediocre 59*
Burger of the Month New Burger, Who Dis? 59
2 Indian Road Burial Ground 58
Red Shoeda Bar 58
3 U of I 8 Fold Path Jogging Club 53
Pork Roll in the Heights 51
Seaman Cumming for Working Taps 51
Womans and Husbands 50.5
Hopefully Not Last 47
We're Not Going to Win So We're Just Here to Make Friends 43
Evil Mr. Phil

If you want a head start on tonight’s questions, I suggest studying all of the Roman emperors. Start at the beginning.

See you tonight at Buddha Beer Bar!

Note: The quiz isn’t a toga party.
Other Note: You can still wear a toga if you want.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Burger of the Month New Burger, Who Dis? 61*
Plan J 61
2 Red Shoeda Bar 59
U of I 8 Fold Path Jogging Club 59
3 Pork Roll in the Heights 56
Buddha Said Life Is Mediocre 55
Seaman Cumming for Working Taps 55
Womans and Husbands 54
Indian Road Burial Ground 50
A Train Elevator Repair Crew 47
Andy's Vest 45
Tofu Taco Tater Tots 45
Sanderson Sisters 43
Uptown Prairie Dogs 42
Evil Mr. Phil