Pub Quiz

If a big butt and a smile are untrustworthy, you can rely on the Sadieist as long as she's in a bad mood.

The Sadieist
1 Blazing Mediocrities 56
2 The Shoes of September 49
3 Bishop Sycamore High School Trivia Team 48
Nikki Minaj and the Swollen Testicles 46
Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh 44
A Woman + A Husband + A Black Guy 38
The Moratorium 36
Spooky Scary Skeletons 34
Joe Schmoe 30
Milk Crate Challenge 29
Mary O'Shag

Do you have moon dreams about Venus De Milo?

TONIGHT: The Wunderman and Mary O'Shit are bad influences. As though this were surprising to anyone.

Mary O'Shag
1 Blazing Mediocrities 59*
The Shoes of September 59
2 Bishop Sycamore High School Trivia Team 56
3 Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh 50
A Woman + A Husband + A Black Guy 45
[FB] Carolinian Covidians 42
Aries Fairies 28
Evil Mr. Phil

Attention fellow quizzers and lovers of all things trivial. Our very own Mary O'Shag has been dealing with an awful lot of awful over the past week thanks primarily to the buckets of water dumped by Ida.

I don't think I can fit all the bad luck in this one post, so just read Mary's updates on the GoFundMe. And of course, please help out if you can!

I think it's fair to say that Mary's earned a quizmaster upgrade from Mary O'Shag to Mary O'Shit!

Evil Mr. Phil

Oh what a wonderful Wednesday! And whither will we wend our weary selves for our weekly warm welcome? Why, to the Uptown Pub Quiz at Buddha Beer Bar of course!

I hope you can make it tonight to share your knowledge of obscure facts like this one...

Did you know that former member of the New Kids on the Block, Donnie, former member of the Funky Bunch, Mark, and sibling of both Donnie and Mark, Paul are all in business together?

As usual the quiz will start promptly at 8 PM! Show up early to claim a good seat!

The Sadiest and the Evil Mr. Phil will be hosting.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 The Moratorium 53
2 Blazing Mediocrities 52
The Shoes of September 52
3 Bishop Sycamore High School Trivia Team 51
Seaman Cumming in Class 50
Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh 49
Plan K-Pop: Our Story 39
Intellectual Deviants 34
Professor Lone Star

I don't know about you all, but I'm super excited about quiz tonight! It's cool enough out that it doesn't matter if the AC is working, and it's the first week of the month, so time to reset scores and start the battle for quiz supremacy anew! Who will dethrone the more than mediocre Andrew Cuomo Women's Center? (who I'm guessing will have a new name this month...)

I'm looking forward to cold beverages, hot food, and spicy answers!

I haven't done a visual hint in a while so enjoy this video!

The incomparable Mary O'Shag and I have some tricky questions for you this week, so put on your thinking caps and walking boots and get yourself to Buddha Beer Bar tonight at 8 PM!

Professor Lone Star

This one comes to you courtesy of tonight's special guest host, who asks, "What do Mauna Loa and Eyjafjallajökull have in common, besides being easy to spell?"

The Sadieist
1 Dog Days of Mediocrity 53
2 Gold Medal Shoes 46
The Andrew Cuomo Women's Center (Pork Roll) 46
Useless Bags of Meat 46
3 Seaman and Cumming 44
The Moratorium 44
Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley 39
[Insert Name Here] 19
Dark Horses 5
Mary O'Shag