Pub Quiz
1 Buddha Said Life Is Mediocre 59*
Burger of the Month New Burger, Who Dis? 59
2 Indian Road Burial Ground 58
Red Shoeda Bar 58
3 U of I 8 Fold Path Jogging Club 53
Pork Roll in the Heights 51
Seaman Cumming for Working Taps 51
Womans and Husbands 50.5
Hopefully Not Last 47
We're Not Going to Win So We're Just Here to Make Friends 43
Evil Mr. Phil

If you want a head start on tonight’s questions, I suggest studying all of the Roman emperors. Start at the beginning.

See you tonight at Buddha Beer Bar!

Note: The quiz isn’t a toga party.
Other Note: You can still wear a toga if you want.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Burger of the Month New Burger, Who Dis? 61*
Plan J 61
2 Red Shoeda Bar 59
U of I 8 Fold Path Jogging Club 59
3 Pork Roll in the Heights 56
Buddha Said Life Is Mediocre 55
Seaman Cumming for Working Taps 55
Womans and Husbands 54
Indian Road Burial Ground 50
A Train Elevator Repair Crew 47
Andy's Vest 45
Tofu Taco Tater Tots 45
Sanderson Sisters 43
Uptown Prairie Dogs 42
Evil Mr. Phil


Our debut at Buddha Beer Bar was a blast.

People came from as far away as the West Village and New Jersey to drink beer, eat yummy food, and answer questions about geography, eggs, homophones, silver, awards, and beer.

The place was packed with the usual denizens, as well as several new teams.

Burger of the Month New Burger Who Dis? took it away in an evening of very high scoring by almost everybody. They bested Plan J in a tiebreaker round that revealed BoTM has better instincts about whale penis size and the length of the Appalachian trail in kilometers.

The BBB staff were terrific, and the owner, James Lee, is charming and hospitable.

We'll see how they feel after next week.

Mary O'Shag

It makes sense that it was published on April 15, 2011, since it's about a bunch of guys who work for the IRS.

The Sadieist

We appreciate your patience as we sort out some logistics for the Uptown Pub Quiz, and we are happy to finally announce that our new day, time, and location are locked in.

The good news: The day and time aren't changing! The quiz will continue to happen every Wednesday at 8pm!

The better news: This is happening right away. Our first quiz at our new home will be next Wednesday, January 15th!

The bad news (for you): We're not telling you where our new home is. Ha-ha! You've got to figure it out yourself.

Don't worry, you're not on your own. To help you find our new home we've created the...

Uptown Pub Quiz Relocation Adventure Puzzle!

The Uptown Pub Quiz Relocation Adventure Puzzle (UPQRAP) is a series of puzzles that will lead you to our new location. This might seem like a lot of unnecessary nonsense. We agree, but we're too deep into this to stop now. We're committed to having the UPQRAP, and there's nothing you can say to stop us.

Just give it a try. Maybe you'll like it.

If you need any help, please reach out to us.

Evil Mr. Phil

We're a week into the new year and there's lots going on here. As you probably noticed in the title, our Rebranding Survey is complete. All of the votes have been tallied and your voices have been heard.

We are now the Uptown Pub Quiz! Stand by for lots of updates to our websites, facebooks, and other branded assets.

Potential new logo?

We're still figuring out some logistics for our new venue, but we'll announce details as soon as we can. We miss you all very much and we can't wait to resume questioning you.

Please stand by and keep checking your mailboxes.

Evil Mr. Phil

We're working on some rebranding, and we'd love your help. The name "IRCPQ" is not transferrable to other venues. Will you please fill out our Quiz Rebranding Survey to help us pick a new name for use at our new venue?

Also, be sure to update all your bookmarks to point to That will be the new digital home for our quiz.

Evil Mr. Phil

After 11 years of slingin' trivia at the Indian Road Café our time there has come to an end. We probably should have planned ahead and given you all some warning, but planning isn't really our thing at the Pub Quiz. We prefer spontaneity, so... SURPRISE! We're moving.

That's right. The Pub Quiz isn't over, it's just relocating. And to ensure that only the most clever quizzers find the new location, we're keeping it a closely guarded secret. We hope to start dropping clues in about a week, so stay tuned. We'll also be doing some necessary rebranding over the next weeks (website name, facebook group, email address, etc) so pay attention for that as well.

We're sorry we didn't get the word out about the final quiz ahead of time as I'm sure many of you would have liked to be there. We had a triumphant quiz without all that gushy and sentimental stuff you sometimes have at a finale.

We're out!
Actual photo of The Sadieist and Professor Lone Star leaving the quiz last Wednesday.

We're super excited about the next thing, and we can't wait to see everyone again in 2020 at our new venue!

Evil Mr. Phil
1 5 Golden Shoes! 58
2 High Crimes and Mediocrities 57
3 University of Inwood Rhinovirus Cultivation Club 56
Chaka Pork Roll! 55
Seaman Cumming to Steal Your Packages 54
Burger of the Month: 5th Day of Christmas Burger (comes with 5 golden onion rings) 53
Plan I Fixed Me Beer 50
Womans and Husbands 49
Henry & Henry & Julie & Julia 44
Jim Jordan's Scary Bedtime Stories 38
ARE 37
Heather Hollander Inc. 31
Dyclopse 28.5
Evil Mr. Phil